Being A Young Christian In Modern Society Is A Challenge Of Biblical Proportions

Being A Young Christian In Modern Society Is A Challenge Of Biblical Proportions

In a world that I imagine only makes God weep, let's each try to be the little light that makes Him proud.

College is hard. Learning to "adult" is hard. Relationships can sometimes be hard. But over the years, growing up in the society we live in, I have realized that one of the hardest things I have experienced growing up is truly being a Christian.

I'm not going to sugarcoat it. I'm tired of people sugarcoating it. It is not in the slightest bit easy to truly be a Christian and follow God on a daily basis in the world we live in today.

It is a struggle I face every day, and I know I can't be the only one. I am tired of Christians trying to make it look so easy, like we are perfect people.

That is not the reality, not even close.

We are so imperfect. I think that is honestly one of the things that turn non-Christians "off" to Christianity. Instead of trying to act like we are perfect, we should be open about being very imperfect, but put a great emphasis on the fact that the only way we are different is that we let all of our imperfections go to a greater being who paid our debts. He erased all of the bad and continues to erase all of the bad, because we are going to continue to sin.

This is the reason we continue to believe what we believe because we have accepted the fact that no matter how strong and wise we think we may be, we were never meant to handle anything in this world by ourselves. We can sure try, but those of us that have come to the altar have felt the great relief of laying our burdens down and accepting help from the One who can handle anything with ease.

In this society we live in, it is a constant struggle to remind myself of these very reasons I chose this path for my life.

When tragedy happens on every corner, neighbors are filled with hate for one another, people openly disobey everything in the Bible, sex, vulgar language and violence are promoted, negativity is the norm and war is common, how are we supposed to believe there even is a God? Why would this being that is supposed to be so great, allow all of this to happen?

I have been asked to explain this phenomenon many times, in a defense to my religion, and I can't give a perfect explanation. I know that God is light, and all of the bad things in this world are darkness. I know that if we lived in a perfect world, humans would feel no need to turn to God. I know that God allows us to have free will, so He does not control our actions. People choose to sin every day, and God can only sit back in sorrow and hope that the ones who have accepted Him can reach the lost and share His love.

When we are surrounded by the type of world we live in, it is incredibly hard to act as Christians, live for God, and most importantly, not conform to this world. Christians are put down for their beliefs, mocked, ridiculed and even hated in some parts of the world. It takes a true courage that is only found in having God in your heart to go against a world so full of hate for what you believe in.

But it's our job, our duty. We owe this much to our incredible savior to be full of love, to not judge ANYONE, no matter what the color of their skin is, what gender they claim to be, what background they come from, what language they speak, give in every way we can, and spread the word of God as best as we can through all of the hate and mockery.

We don't have to be perfect, we don't have to memorize the whole Bible. God is perfect enough. All we have to do is be real, be approachable, and accept God's help, and we will accomplish so much more than we ever thought possible.

In a world that I imagine only makes God weep, let's each try to be the little light that makes Him proud and brings back His smile because we owe Him that for the immense love and gifts He gives us daily.

For anyone who doesn't know the immense joy and love of having God in your heart, please feel free to message me. God loves you so much and uniquely made you for a great purpose in this world.

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22 New Things That I Want To Try Now That I'm 22

A bucket list for my 22nd year.


"I don't know about you but I'm feelin' 22," I have waited 6 long years to sing that and actually be 22! Now 22 doesn't seem like a big deal to people because you can't do anything that you couldn't do before and you're still super young. But I'm determined to make my 22nd year a year filled with new adventures and new experiences. So here's to 22.

1. Go sky diving.

What's crazier than jumping out of a plane? (Although I'll probably try indoor skydiving first.)

2. Go cliff jumping/diving.

I must be the only Rhode Islander who hasn't gone to Jamestown and jumped off a cliff.

3. Ride in a hor air balloon.

Up, up and away.

4. Try out skiing.

Cash me in the next Olympics, how bout dat.

5. Try out snow boarding.

Shawn White, I'm coming for you.

6. Go bungee jumping.

Because at least this time I'll be attached to something.

7. Go to Portugal.

I mean I'm Portuguese so I have to go at some point, right?

8. Go to Cape Verde.

Once again, I'm Cape Verdean so I have to go.

9. Vist one of the seven wonders of the world.

I mean hey, Egypt's on, my bucket list.

10. Try out surfing.

It's only natural that somebody from the Ocean State knows how to surf.

11. Learn a new langauge.

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Fun fact: I've only been to 17 of the 50 states.

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There's actually a barn in my state that does line dancing, so this one will definitely get crossed off.

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All this water around me and I haven't done a lot of the water activites.

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I bet if I got my friends to come with me, it would be like the Suite Life of Zach and Cody episode, minus the ghost coming out of the wall but you never know.

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Air plane: check Helicopter:....

21. Sleep under the stars.

Because sleeping in a tent is more like glamping than camping

22. Just to try new things in my everyday life.

Whether it's trying a new restaurant, getting something different at my usual restaurants, changing my usual style, going on the scary rides at amusement parks, and bringing things I used to do back into my life now.

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It's 2018, Time To Stop Judging Women Based Off Of If They Wear Makeup Or Not

If a girl wants to wear make up everyday, then that is great for her. If not, that is equally as great.


It seems like in this day and age, everyone has an opinion towards other people. Now usually, that opinion is not needed nor necessary but this generation always feels the need to insert themselves in other people's lives. What really grinds my gears is when girls post a photo of themselves and random strangers tear these girls apart for either not wearing makeup or wearing too much makeup.

I can easily sum up the point of the article in one sentence: Girls do not go natural or wear makeup to please you!

A girl doesn't wake up one morning and think "maybe I will put makeup on so I can please all the strangers I don't know." If a girl feels comfortable going natural, she will go natural. If a girl wants to put makeup on because SHE likes it, then she will definitely sit in front of her mirror and beautify herself.

When a girl posts a selfie on Twitter or Instagram, you should not feel entitled to comment on the photo saying, "you wear way too much makeup" or "maybe you should try wearing makeup." Not only can that mess with a girl's self-esteem but quite frankly it is also none of your business what a girl does with her own body and her own life.

All girls are beautiful in their own ways; no two girls are the same. Some girls like makeup and some don't. It is as simple as that. You judging a girl based on if she wears makeup or not is honestly childish and I don't understand why you do it. There is no point to you doing it except for you to be negative and try to bring people down.

If girls wanted your opinion, they would ask for it. If their photo comment does not say "should I go natural today?" or "how is my makeup?" then your opinion does not matter and is invalid.

What makes these comments worse is that they normally come from other girls!

Come on ladies! We are supposed to be sticking together, not tearing each other apart. It is one thing when a straight guy comments on the photo but it is a complete bummer when I see girls tearing down other girls.

I just don't understand it. As a girl, why would you want to tear another girl down? Why would you want to tear anybody down? I always think it is a jealousy issue. I feel like jealousy plays a big role in tearing down other girls' self-esteem but if you're jealous of a girl then just comment that? A simple "wow, I'm so jealous that you can be so natural/wear makeup" is way better than "maybe you should wear makeup" because you're jealous that you feel like you can't go natural or "you wear way too much makeup" because you're jealous that you can't pull that look off.

Let me tell you girls something: all of you are beautiful. You may think you need to wear makeup; you don't. You may think that you look ugly when you are all natural; you don't. You may think that your makeup doesn't make you look any better; it might and it might not. As long as you have confidence in who you are, you will be beautiful. Makeup doesn't define whether or not you are beautiful, confidence does.

It is 2018. Judging girls for (not) wearing makeup should not be something anybody does anymore. We, as people, need to see the beauty in others and realize that what we say to people can hurt them. The saying "if you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all" really gets put into play here.

We should be building girls up, not tearing them down. We should not be asserting our opinions where they are not needed nor wanted. Ultimately, we should not be judging girls when we don't know them or their stories personally. We don't know why they wear makeup or why they don't and for you to judge them about it says more about you than it does about them.

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