You were made with those dimples and that crooked grin. You were made with frizzy hair and those glistening eyes. You were made with an uneven nose. You were made with a fragile heart. You were made full of adventure. You were made with freckles, and you were made with sun-kissed skin. You were made to be curious and emotional. You were made uncoordinated. You were made to be short or tall, meek or boisterous, artistic or analytical.

You were made to be you, and you were made with a purpose.

You were made with all of your insecurities. You were made with all of your flaws. You were made with unique strengths and a life filled with mountains that only you could climb. You were divinely planned for and constructed. Everything about you was needed here on this Earth. So you were made... by a God so mighty that He made planets and oceans. He made trees and clouds. Everything he creates radiates with beauty and you are no exception.

I think, and by think I mean I know, there are times in life-especially in this college stage where we completely question our purpose here on Earth. And, not so much that we question what we are supposed to be accomplishing, but our ability to do so. We question ourselves more so than we question God.

We have a hard time with one thing, or a string of things, and we allow ourselves to feel defeated. Suddenly we doubt our aptitude and become our own worst enemy. It’s because we forget about this one key idea. While we were made to be all these phenomenal things, we weren’t made to be perfect. Perfectly made, yes, but made to be unbeatable, all-knowing, or flawless- not quite.

Despite the ego we as man carry, we are such a frail species. We have breakable bones and breakable spirits, and we were beautifully and wonderfully designed to be this way. God intended for us to have troubles. He knew that this life we live would be hard, but among all of the other things he was busy producing he created us, and created us capable. Every tiny aspect that makes you you, down to the way you play with your hands when you’re nervous was a specific tactic given to you so that you could accomplish what our God will throw your way. So out of all the things you were made to be, the most important thing is that you were made to be enough. Enough in the eyes of the one that planned out your life. You may not be enough to a boyfriend, or a best friend, or to your siblings or parents. You won’t always be enough in the eyes of the world, and you won’t always feel enough in the eyes in your head. But, in the eyes of the Lord you are amazing.

So while you may feel as if the struggles are too hard and your nights are too long, when you finally reach that light at the end of the tunnel you’ll realize it was just a mirror reflecting the radiance you had been projecting all along. The light that comes from the God of all creations and a light that can only shine from you. You were made to be brilliant, mesmerizing, and astonishing.

And, you are all of these things simply because you were made.