7 Reasons Arianna Grande Is An Absolute Queen

Ariana Grande not only has been breaking records left and right (most recently, she beat out Selena Gomez for most followed woman on Instagram), but her recent album is an absolute banger. Songs vary from highlighting the struggles she has overcome in the past year to featuring her immeasurable wealth (cough, cough 7 rings). And, yes, we're all very jealous. Whatever your opinion of Ariana Grande is, there is no denying that she is unlocking her untapped potential and unleashing the queen that she is inside, and here are 7 more reasons to prove that.

1. She's not afraid to be a boss.

Ariana Grande is never afraid to be a boss. She shows that all women can be in power, and can look good while doing it.

2. She's a record-breaker. 

Her latest album has been breaking records left and right. Thank You, Next just hit the most album streams ever by a female artist in a week. You go girl!

3. She is killing the fashion game lately.

Ariana grande has been KILLING the fashion game lately, and we are living for it. C'mon, who doesn't love pink and rhinestones?!

4. She maintains genuine friendships. 

Despite her busy schedule, Ariana Grande always makes time for her friends. She even incorporated a few of her friends into the intros of her latests songs.

5. She has a lot of love for her family. 

Ariana Grande is very open about her relationship with her family.Whether it's videos of Nona, or sharing what soups each of her family members identify as, she certainly does a good job making us feel like we're part of the fam.

6. Been through some bad s***, but she's still a savage.

There's no doubt Ariana Grande has had a rough year. Between the Manchester shooting, losing her ex boyfriend, and ending an engagement, Grande has proven her strength and resilience.

7. No matter what she goes through, she is always there for her fans. 

No matter what she goes through, Ariana is always there for her fans. Despite having a terrible year in 2018, Grande has stayed connected to her fans and continues to make incredible music.

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