The holidays are coming up and it can be really overwhelming and stress-inducing when you don't know what you want, especially when your friends and family keep asking you. Perhaps you don't know what to get all the special people in your life and need some inspiration. Amazon is the go-to website for all your shopping and splurging needs, especially if you have Prime and can get free two-day shipping. Here are 15 things you need to add to your Amazon Wishlist this holiday season:

1. "The Dating Chronicles: Confessions of A Heartbreak Girl"

This a great read for anyone who wants to read about someone else's dating experiences and bring a little laughter to their lives. It's also a quick read, too.

2. Fuji Instax Polaroid Camera

Get creative with your photos with this Polaroid camera. Print out instant memories to have for a lifetime. You can even display them on your wall buy getting a string photo holder.

3. Amazon Echo

Haven't you always wanted to ask Alexa so many questions? Well, with the echo dot, you can. It's inexpensive and great if you want to hook your phone up to it to play music to have an instant speaker.

4. Instashiatsu Foot Massager

Do you really need convincing as to why you need a foot massager?

5. Cards Against Humanity

The best game to play with your friends for a game night or at a party. It's a great way to see what type of humor people are into.

6. "My Grandmother Asked Me To Tell You She's Sorry"

A great novel to read if you want a good cry.

7. "Shit I Can't Remember: An Organizer For All Your Passwords And Shit"

Can you never remember your passwords for your multiple accounts? Well, now you can write it down in this book so you'll never forget.

8. "Q&A A Day: 5-Year Journal"

This book asks you a different question each day for 5 years. It gets you thinking and when you complete it, you can see how your answers have changed over the years.

9. Essential Oil Diffuser 

Want to feel relaxed in your room or living room? An oil diffuser is a great choice to make a room feel calmer and make it smell great.

10. Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock

This alarm clock is clinically proven to help you wake up feeling more refreshed.

11.Truly Clear Acne Face Wash

The best face and body wash to control your acne. It's made of 98.42% natural ingredients!

12. Kangvo Mini Portable Air Humidifier Cowboy Hat

This product is meant to relieve cold and flu symptoms. This also is environmentally friendly because it helps reuse bottles.

13. Cactaki Water Bottle With Time Marker

This water bottle helps you drinks the precise amount of water needed at certain times. It'll remind you when to take your next sip.

14. Himalayan Salt Lamp

Salt lamps are not only pretty, but they're said to be beneficial. It can help reduce anxiety and help you sleep better.

15. Anker Powerline 6ft Lightning Cable

Now you can charge your devices conveniently with this 6ft chord.