"Bro," "Whats crackin'," "What's up fam," "Lit," "Howdy," "Y'all," and the list goes on.

America is full of diversity, different cultures, and people from all around the world. From California to Southern Florida and back around again, these phrases are used by people who are country folk at heart. If you say any of these 9 phrases, you may just be a little country.

1. Yee Yee

You say this when you are fixin' to do something that you want people to pay attention to, typically something risky. Yee yee is also a synonym of "yeehaw."

2. Fixin'

It's just how we say "getting ready to." You could say "I'm fixin' to go get some food" or something along those lines.

3. As all get out

There are a number of "all get outs." You can be excited as all get out, mad as all get out, sappy as all get out, etc. As you see here, Pooh is excited as all get out to eat dinner.

4. Bless your heart

When someone does something with sincerity, like mowing an old man's grass because they saw that he was struggling to do it himself. It can also be said when someone says something that's a little goofy or silly.

5. I Reckon

Simply another way to say "I believe" or "I guess."

6. She's as pretty as a peach

"There's nothing prettier than a warm day picking peaches in the sunshine." It's a great compliment to receive, it means you're good looking.

7. Too big for his britches

Someone who is pretty doggone full of themselves. If a person is too big for his britches he is often cocky, and egotistical.

8. Hush up

Just another way to say "shut up" without it sounding so edgy.

9. Plum wore out

You can say you're plum wore out when you worked a 12-hour shift outside in the 90 degrees weather, and you're ready to hit the hay. (Hit the hay means go to bed, in case you didn't know.)