16 Grande Things You Understand If Your Blood Is, Like, 75 Percent Coffee

Coffee, the sweet nectar of the gods, is more than just a drink. It is a lifeline, an art, a passion, and an example that perfection does exist.

I may be dramatic, but I'm not wrong.

If you are a self-proclaimed coffee fanatic, you will understand these 20 reasons:

1. You will never forget your first time.

My first cup of coffee had like 12 packs of sugar and cream but I was hooked.

2. Mornings don't work without a pot brewing.

Do not even look at me. I am not sure I am even a person until I get some caffeine running through my veins.

3. You have researched all the different ways you can make the magic happen in your house.

Is a french press better or a coffee pot or maybe a Kuerig? Screw it. Get them all.

4. One cup is never enough.

One or two in the morning and then five more throughout the day.

5. A large portion of your paycheck is dedicated to coffee.

Five dollars a day at a coffee stand and keeping your cupboards stocked gets expensive.

6. You definitely have a coffee mug collection.

You probably spend just as much on mugs as you do coffee.

7. Starbucks is ummm. Well. Controversial.

On one hand, their coffee sucks, but they are also on every block in America. So I guess you gotta go.

8. Baristas around town know who you are.

You are a regular at several coffee shops around town.

9. You have tried to quit.

Every once in a while, you want to lower your tolerance or maybe save some cash.

10. But your love for coffee will never die.

It always foils your plans of quitting.

11. Your family and friends have commented on how much coffee you consume.

This normally ends with you saying that you don't have a problem.

12. The smell of coffee makes your toes curl.

Seriously, it smells soooooo good.

13. You are craving a cup right now.

Admit it. And then go grab some. You deserve it.

14. You get crazy headaches if you don't consume enough caffeine.

A sign that you may have an addiction but it's whatever.

15. Wanting a cup at night creates inner conflict.

Do you want temporary joy for the price of not sleeping tonight?

16. You can't help but judge people for their coffee choices.

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