My Review of "You"

Netflix's 'You' Teaches Us That We Never Really Know Someone

It will truly leave you speechless

Netflix original series are usually something to laugh at.

Whenever I'm skimming over Netflix for something to watch I stop and look through the Netflix original series, usually just for sh*ts and giggles. 1/10 times I find something worth watching.

I was at work over winter break and heard my coworker tell another coworker, "Danielle, you look exactly like the girl from 'You'."

By this point, I had already heard about this show. Because social media is basically a form of poison that people cannot seem to steer clear of.

Little puns and jokes about stalking started coming about in memes through Facebook and Twitter. Maybe I'll give this show a shot, I thought.

If you know me, you know I do not watch TV. The last show I fully watched was Shameless. That was my first semester of college. I am now a second-semester Sophomore.

So a show has to be Gossip-Girl good in order for me to spend my days watching them.

One day, at a friend's house back home, we stumbled upon the show "You."

"Let's watch it".

H o o k e d. I literally became obsessed after the first episode. Very unlike me, as I mentioned. It only took me about one week to complete the whole season. And let me just say, there better be a Season 2.

Now if you have not yet watched "You", or haven't finished it yet, stop reading because I'm about to give some spoilers.

While the show kept an interesting plot throughout the first season, there were points where I couldn't help but roll my eyes. For example, the scene where Joe saved drunken Beck from almost getting hit by a train, and the slow motion part of her on top of him.

Also, when Joe snuck into Peach's house and they somehow didn't hear him the entire time?

Anywho, I did find myself very interested in this show. I just hope the directors don't get crazy and ruin it.

The most important thing I take away from this show is you never really know someone, and something like this can happen to anyone. Maybe not in the extremity of Joe, but many people reside in toxic relationships like Joe and Beck's. And this is a perfect example of why you must get out immediately.

Overall, I think the show had an inviting storyline and conveyed an important message. So if you haven't already, watch "You" on Netflix.

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