You Know You're A Coffee-Addicted College Student If Or When... (As Told by GIFs)

You Know You're A Coffee-Addicted College Student If Or When... (As Told by GIFs)

Affirmations for your caffeination.

You're reading this because you are the concerned friend of someone with a budding (or current) caffeine addiction, or you are the one with the addiction and you need someone to relate to.

Look no further. Caffeine addicts and concerned friends alike, here is the world of the coffee-dependent.

1. This sight is the most satisfying thing. Every. Morning.

Did you just fall in love? I did.

2. You transform into one hell of a powerhouse once you take that first sip.

If you've seen "Joy," you just said, "Yaaaaas."

Now, go create that life-changing invention.

3. Your spirit animal is, in all honesty, Lorelai-freaking-Gilmore.

Again, you're probably like, "YAAAAS QUEEN."

I'd strongly recommend not actually doing that, though. That's a bit dangerous.

4. You say, "I haven't had coffee in X hours/days," and your friends respond like this:

Because, let's face it, you're either dying or you just want to endanger the lives of everyone you hold dear, you sick person.

5. Every night during midterms, this is you:

Coffee is the ultimate requirement during this crucial time.

6. You were really jealous of the "Friends" cast.

"Why don't I have a Central Perk?"

7. Speaking of "Friends," you've probably done this to someone who tried to get in the way of you and your precious joe.

Admit it. C'mon.

8. You may or may not have snubbed Starbucks as your "to-go" place — doesn't matter, though, because you'll be there all the time.

You respect everyone's respective tastes though, because everyone's their own coffee expert.

9. No matter your taste, though, your not-especially-close relatives will give you this gift card every Christmas, without fail:

You're probably frequenting that local coffee shop more often (you know which one) than Starbucks, but hey, who turns down free coffee?

10. Your friendships are solidified when someone brings you coffee for free.

It's probably really easy to take care of you during a hangover too. Because coffee cures all, obviously.

11. Truer words have never been spoken in regards to coffee:

You have just smiled and nodded in content.

12. You've been able to experience a lot of good memories because you were a functional human being.

"Oh yeah, I remember that. And I drank from my favorite mug that morning too."

13. No matter where you are, coffee time is happy time.

Because it obviously brings out your inner Audrey Hepburn.

14. Now go off and continue your constant caffeination, you proud addict, you!

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