You Know It Is Term III When...
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You Know It Is Term III When...

EC students have been waiting for Term III all year.

You Know It Is Term III When...

At Elmira College we recently started our final term of the year, Term III. This serves as what most schools refer to as a “J-Term.” While the majority of colleges and universities around us are finishing up for the year, we still have six weeks to go. Many students, including myself and some of my classmates, are anxious for summer vacation and are ready to get the next six weeks over with. However, Term III is the best time to be a student at Elmira College, in my opinion, for many reasons. First, we are only allowed to take a total of six credits, which accounts for more free time! Second, the weather is getting sunnier and warmer, so we can spend a lot of that extra free time outside enjoying ourselves. Term III also brings with it some really fun events, including Term III softball and May Days. With that being said, I present to you: “You Know It Is Term III When…”

1. People are swimming in the fountain

If it is a warm and sunny day, it is not uncommon to see people sitting in the fountain. It is also not uncommon to wake up in the morning and see that fountain overflowing with soap suds. The fountain is an Elmira College icon and it certainly is most popular during Term III.

2. Term III softball

Term III softball is probably my favorite part of Term III! You don't have to be a world-class athlete to play in the tournament; you just have to want to have fun and have some friendly competition with friends.

3. Softball

Because anyone who has ever played Term III softball at Elmira College knows that this is what it is really like...

4. Still more softball

Yeah..we really love our softball at EC.

5. No class on Wednesdays

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OK, so technically I have class every Wednesday this Term III, but that's because I am a nursing student. Most people do not have class on Wednesdays during Term III. Having Wednesdays is actually quite nice, especially when the weather is beautiful. Day trips to Ithaca and Watkins Glen during Term III are the best.

6. Slip and slide outside of the health center

Everybody loves some slip and flip!

7. People are hanging out by the puddle

For those of you who are not familiar with Elmira College and it's uniqueness, the campus has this body of water which most people would call a pond. We at Elmira College refer to this as "the puddle." During the winter months when it is frozen over, people skate and play hockey on it. During Term III, it is used for fly fishing classes. I love studying near the puddle during Term III.

8. So many people travel, whether it is locally or abroad

I have never traveled abroad, but I know so many people who have and had amazing experiences! This year, the Term III trips that are available include Alaska, Australia, Bahamas, Nicaragua, Ireland, Scotland, China, and the United Kingdom.

9. Everyone is friendly and happy to see people on campus

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Now that we've all experienced a week of spring break where we soaked up lots of Vitamin D and our moms' home-cooked meals, we have returned to campus tan, happy, and full of life. What a time to be alive!

10. Radical Raft Race

Nothing says Term III like racing across the puddle in a homemade raft made of cardboard.

11. Party

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If we have to stay an extra six weeks while everyone else is moving home for the summer, you better bet that we are going to have some fun.

As you can see, Term III is such a wonderful time to be at EC! Elmira College students look forward to Term III all year long, because for most people it means rest and relaxation before returning home for summer employment. Term III for me, as a nursing major, means a lot of clinical. However, there are a lot of fun classes available during Term III, like fly fishing, field botany, and outdoor adventure. This year, some of my friends are travelling abroad to Alaska, Australia, and the Bahamas. I hope everyone on campus enjoys their Term III and has a fun-filled summer vacation!

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