If You Give A Girl A Little Brother
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If You Give A Girl A Little Brother

"After a girl is grown, her little brothers — now her protectors — seem like big brothers.”

If You Give A Girl A Little Brother

I’m not going to lie; both of the times I found out my mom was having a baby, that I was going to have a new younger sibling, I desperately wished it would be a girl. I dreamed of having a little baby sister dressed onesies adorned with frills and pink lace. I dreamed of having someone to play dress-up with, to share Barbie clothes with, and to teach how to braid hair. Both times, the new bundle of joy arrived in a blue blanket, though. Initially, I was disappointed and upset; the little sister I’d desired so much was a dream that faded away quickly. However, now when I look back, I’m glad I was blessed with a little brother. Two, to be exact.

If you give a girl a little brother, she’ll probably seem annoyed

Though even when she looks upset, inside she’s overjoyed

She’ll find that he knows how to push every button she’s got

But when it comes to brothers, she knows she hit the jackpot

If you give a girl a little brother, she’ll make him wear dresses and makeup

When a boy lets her down, her brother’s there to support her through the breakup

She’ll pretend she hates his guts whenever he drives her up the wall

But she knows he’ll always be there to talk with whenever she gives a call

If you give a girl a little brother, she’ll have an automatic second half

He’ll give her a constant reason to smile and laugh

She’ll learn that it’s significantly more fun

That it’s way more fun to play a game than it is to have always won

If you give a girl a little brother, she’ll always have someone to tease

And there may be times she’ll torture him no matter his dire pleas

But as he grows older she probably will find

His payback is worse than if she’d just been kind

If you give a girl a little brother, fights will surely ensue

She’ll be his teacher and do her part to never lead him askew

She’ll tell him about her experiences and mistakes

And teach him how to cook more than just ramen and pancakes

If you give a girl a little brother, chances are he’ll be her best friend

No matter what life throws at her, she’ll have him ‘til the end

Being blessed with a little brother will change a girl’s life forever

You’d have to search far and wide to find someone with more love for her

So to all of the girls out there like myself who are lucky enough to have a little brother or two, I hope you realize the huge blessing that’s been bestowed on you. You have been given an important job: you are the big sister, teacher, leader, and example for a young soul who looks up to you, despite what you may think. His goofy smile, Mario Kart obsession, or Pokemon card collection may be deceiving, but your little brother will probably grow to be one of your favorite people in the world through the years, if he isn’t already. Not only do you have a built-in best friend, you have someone to always rely on and call when the world becomes too much.

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