You Forgot Me But I'm Happy For You
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You Forgot Me But I'm Happy For You

I still hope the best for you even though you've forgotten and replaced me.

You Forgot Me But I'm Happy For You
Sierra Pospiech

Sometimes you meet a boy and he's absolutely perfect. You think everything is finally working out, just as you've always wanted it to be. He's respectful, your parents adore him, his family is so warm and inviting, and you are happy. But for most girls, this is only a year or two of their lives that eventually ends in heartbreak, just like me.

This is for you, the one who gave me everything I ever wanted, then left.

It was my sophomore year and I vowed to never fall for a stupid boy again. I've dealt with too many ignorant and conceited boys that never knew how to treat me right (this coming from a girl who wasn't even half way through high school). You were in one of my classes before and you were in another class with me this year. We were friends, so we stuck together.

Being friends who were stuck together became being a boy and a girl who were too shy to share feelings. Until one night, at 3am, when I made the move. And it was exactly how I wanted it to work out. So we began dating in the middle of my sophomore year.

Now I was surprised you never experienced a lot of things that I have done on a regular basis. I mean, you were a senior and you were supposed to have had more experiences than me. But I made you try sushi and watch my all-time favorite movies, and we even made trips to places we had never been before. This was all so new and exciting, and it always felt that way until the very least for me.

I was going into my senior year and you were encouraging me to finish out this year strong and then we'll finally get the lives we've been dreaming of. We had plans, big plans. But I didn't know that these big plans involved more of her than of me.

After the years and the trials we had been through, you still weren't happy with where we were. I can recall you saying "I'm not happy and I don't know if it's because of you or not." Did you realize how much that hurt me? So it was no surprise when you broke up with me and said we would try this again when you had your life together.

It's too bad we never got the chance.

Because now you have her and I'm happy for you, really. She gives you the happiness that I once gave you, but maybe she will continue giving you that happiness.

But what I am not happy about is the fact that you do the things we used to do and go the places we used to go, as if nothing even changed, Except, one important thing has changed; you replaced me with her. And I feel like you're trying to erase everything that we did by doing them with her.

I should have known when after we broke up, you deleted all of our pictures from all of your social media. I should have recognized what you were doing when you untagged yourself from all of my pictures of us. You were trying to forget our 2 1/2 years of memories.

But I will not forget.

I still have our pictures up, I still smile when I remember something we did. I don't regret you, and I don't want to forget about you. I loved you; you're my first love. How can someone try to forget their first love? Why are you trying so hard to forget me and replace everything we had with her?

I'm not jealous or bitter; I'm happy for you, truly. But I am hurt by the fact that you considered me your first love and you're doing this.

But I guess you can forget your first love.

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