You Don't Need A Man, You Need A Champion
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You Don't Need A Man, You Need A Champion

To the sweet and wild, but tender hearted woman.

You Don't Need A Man, You Need A Champion
"Balance my darling, is not letting anyone love you less than you love yourself".
–"Eat Pray Love"
"A woman in the presence of a good man, a real man, loves being a woman. His strength allows her feminine heart to flourish"

First off, don't change a thing about yourself. Someday, someone will come along and adore every exotic edge about you that someone else took for granted.

Your playful nature, late night pillow fights, tag in the middle of a crowd, impressive "dance moves," and those shower concerts – don't change a single thing.

You were meant for someone who can handle your momma's eyes and daddy's temper. You deserve the love you keep trying to give the world.

You're bold, courageous and strong in knowing what you deserve. When you love, you love with your whole heart. You are exactly how you're suppose to be, beautifully crafted and wildly rooted in wonder.

The woman who dances barefoot under the stars while dreaming. The one who drinks moonshine on Saturday and prays on Sunday. You unapologetically blare the Dixie Chicks with the windows all the way down, brave and free.

Your faith in God and zest for life is something so imbedded in your soul. It will take a champion to catch your attention.

A champion loves you, but leaves you wild. He knows you can support yourself because you've done it your whole life. He just simply wants to be a part of your adventure.

When it comes to the wild ones, we tend to seek adventure, the wanderlust woman. The ones who could spend their entire lives changing majors, residence and life plans. It's not that we're unsure or because of uncertainty within ourselves, we just know there is a world out there beyond our small towns that we so desperately want to seek.

Now, my dear and beautiful girl, it's OK to be selfish, and it’s OK to want a life of trial and error. Finding yourself is the most important part of this big and crazy life. That's the best part because your champion will embrace all that you've conquered.

What you make of this life we have been given is truly what it's all about. It's actually your duty to live and live well. That champion of yours is doing the same exact thing. He's staying brave, grounded and bold in his life choices. He is looking for someone like you, someone who not only challenges herself but will never stop challenging him. He's strong in knowing who he is and won't change a thing about you because you'll be everything he was missing.

God gave you a heart as big as Texas, and you'll give your champion a perception of the world he never knew possible. A love for people, culture and spontaneous moments. However, he'll teach you to guard your heart because let's be honest, you love too freely at times.

The most important thing is letting yourself stay wild; your crave for adventure will be what draws your champion and leave you chasing stars together. Don't let the conformities of the world try to suppress all that you have to offer. Embrace all that God has placed in that gypsy soul.

Stop hiding who you are; your champion can handle that obsessive anxious mind of yours. Yes, I said it, you can be hard to handle. His strength will overwhelm you with how the smallest embrace can put your mind to rest.

Oh yeah, and let us not forget that stubborn side of yours; it doesn't stand a chance with your champion. He is not afraid to keep challenging you and fighting those insecurities you hide behind.

The scars and demons of your past, well, they're just that, a thing of the past. Your brave and noble champion will be a constant reminder to reinforce that those ghosts don't define you. You will, no doubt, never stop growing together and pushing one another to rise and conquer.

Life is beautifully heartbreaking. Your love will flourish with what each of you have to offer. You'll be the gracious love he was missing, and he'll teach you the definition of strength in the presence of adversity.

The hardest part of it all is simply being patient. God is working in you and in your champion, and someday your paths will cross. When they do, my love, don't fight it this time. I know you've had your heart broken one too many times. When this man comes along you'll know because he'll knock all those walls down and adore every broken piece of you.

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