You Deserve A Good Life

You Deserve A Good Life

16 quotes to keep your spirit high.


The vast majority of society has unknowingly swallowed a nightmare pill. In it, a little virus called negative-thinking thrives. We are currently experiencing the best time to be alive. We have worlds of information at our fingertips, the economy is stable, and our healthcare is more advanced than ever. Yet, for the most part, the sum of our rote and routine conversations is, "Life's a bitch."

Instead of relishing in the comfort our forefathers worked so hard to provide for us, we paradoxically wish we could go back to their time, a "simpler" time. We reject our present comfort and judge life, this huge, insurmountable phenomenon, not for what it actually is, but by how it is perceived by us as individuals. And we say, "Life sucks. I miss when life was simple. I miss the good old days."

Look, I get it. Life can be tough. But I think this outlook has to do more with wanting to be young again (simpler times AKA less responsibility therefore less complexity) than it has to do with rejecting present day life. We're wearing nostalgia goggles, and it's causing this self inflicted, delusional form of tunnel vision. It's normal to miss our youths, a time where everything seemed a little more calm because our peers didn't hold us to this strange adult standard we've created as a society. However, just because we're not that young anymore doesn't mean life has suddenly become awful. And do you really want to be your teenaged, angst-ridden self again? Probably not.

Now, let's tackle the aforementioned 'strange adult standard' and get on to the positive side of things. Like I said, we've kind of swallowed this nightmare pill. This way of thinking that dictates, "Life is not fun. Stay in line. Don't ask questions. Be like everyone else or there will be consequences." We've been conditioned to keep each other in line like a bunch of brainwashed monkeys. Have you ever taken a little extra time for yourself, or just done anything special for yourself, and received the reaction "Who do you think you are?" from someone else? It's like people are confusing self-care with selfishness, standards with narcissism, self-worth with arrogance. You were born free. You were born with the privilege of life, and at the end of the day it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. Ultimately, you only have to answer to, and live with, yourself. You deserve a good life. We all do. Hopefully the following 16 quotes will reaffirm that for you.

1. You're Tougher Than You Think

Life Is Tough

2. You Are In Charge Of Your Own Happiness

You're In Charge

3. You Are Courageous

Let Go

4. Take The High Road

The High Road

5. Embrace Change

Three C's

6. Be Yourself

Be Yourself

7. Lemons and Lemonade


8. No One Is Perfect

Nothing Is Perfect

9. Become Aware


10. Just Let Go

Let Go

11. Live In The Present

Be Present

12. Release The Stress

Let Go

13. Don't Beat Yourself Up

Mistakes Are Lessons

14. Fly Above The Storm

Rise Above

15. Embrace The Uncertainty

Embrace Life

16. Dream Big

Dream Big

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Cover Image Credit: Fame Focus

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