You Can't Run From the Demons That Lurk Inside...

This poem is inspired by the saying 'you can't run from the past'.




I have to run,

The monsters are getting closer,

Their razor shape teeth are visible,

I can practically smell their rotting breath,

And feel their bony fingers gripping my arms,

Their nails ripping off my flesh,

I have to be faster,

But it feels as if I'm running in circles,




I can’t let them catch me,

Even as their voice taught me,

About how I’m slowing down,

How we're just going round and round,

How they always catch me,

How even if I get away,

They’ll find me,

Just like the always do,

They scream,

With their haunting echos,

About how they’re the only ones who want me,

The only ones who will ever love me,

About how they’re my only friends,

I trip and stubble,

As my heart tears,

It know the truth,

But the words still hurt,

The pain is there,

They still tear,

They scream and ask,

Is the only this the only thing I know how the do,

Can I only run?

They call me a coward,

Knowing their right,

It truly is all I know to do,

So I keep doing it,

I run,

And I run,

But for how much longer,

Can I run?

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