You Can Call Me A Germophobe, But At Least I'm Clean!
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You Can Call Me A Germophobe, But At Least I'm Clean!

Are you a germophobe too? You will relate!

You Can Call Me A Germophobe, But At Least I'm Clean!

Some people blow my mind with what they do on a daily basis and it grosses me out. They think of me as a germophobe, and I think they are down right nasty. That being said, you can call me a germophobe, but at least I'm clean!

The following are highlights of discrepancies between myself and those who most likely think I am a clean freak.

Shoes on beds and couches.


Take off your shoes before getting into bed or putting your feet on furniture! Think about everything you walked through, are you really okay with that in your bed and on your couch?

Wash hands after using the bathroom.


What else can I say besides, WASH YOUR HANDS.

Use a paper towel to exit public restroom.


Use a paper towel to exit the public bathroom because there are people who do not wash their hands after using the restroom.

Wash hands after handling money.


While in college you may not have as much money as Donald in the gif above... but you should wash your hands after counting all of your nickles and dimes.

Don't try on random hats.


You never know if someone with bedbugs or lice were trying on those hats before you did. I also actively avoid trying out pillows and other things that kids would enjoy reaching for and rubbing their faces against it (and therefore their hair).

Don't place raw food with other foods in my grocery store bag!


Yes, I really do want my bloody meat in a separate bag from my salad.

I also leave my raw meats in the grocery bag when placing in the fridge. This creates a barrier between raw foods and other cooked foods in the surrounding area.



Do I really need to say anything here? I thought this was common sense.

If it isn't common sense please read into, salmonella.

I don't wear clothes two days in a row.


Granted, I know this is more of personal preference. I tend to have oily skin, I never wear clothes two days in a row to feel comfortable.

It is hard for me to understand though when people wear clothes SEVERAL days in a row. Take it off and wash it for goodness sake!

"Day clothes" do NOT go on the bed.


What are "day clothes", you ask? "Day clothes" are what I call pieces of clothing you are wearing when you exit your place of residence. While getting groceries and coming right back home doesn't exactly make the clothes "filthy", there are other reasons why I do not put these clothes on the bed.

Being a college student, I frequent places that are high traffic, where other people are, were, or will be. I don't know who sat in that chair last, I don't know who sat at that desk last, etc. You just don't know how filthy the last person was who was sitting there.

While people think I am a freak, I HIGHLY recommend this for when you go to see your family doctor, or walk-in clinic. People see doctors for reasons ranging from getting a physical, to explosive diarrhea. Do you really want to sit/lay on your bed after sitting in the waiting area at the doctor's office? NO THANK YOU.

Sharing hair brush and other hair accessories.

Can't find your hair brush?

Well, you're out of luck, because I'm not sharing mine!

I don't care who you are, or how clean you think you are, I am NOT sharing my hairbrush with you.

Keep your hair to yourself.


Please keep your hair to yourself. If you get in my personal space bubble, I don't want your hair to touch me. If I give you a hug, don't lean your head to touch my head. Please respect my boundaries.

Actually, don't touch my hair either. We clear?

Clean up your prepping area after handling raw food.


Don't be an idiot sandwich, clean your utensils and prepping area after handling raw food. Don't let questionable juices sit on the counter for days, it isn't going to clean itself!

Cross contamination is also a huge issue concerning raw foods. Before handling raw foods, make sure you are knowledgeable on how to handle these foods before making someone extremely ill or kill them.

Wash hands before and after handling your pets.


While this is a little different for dogs and cats, I am talking primarily about animals who are in cages.

For example I have a guinea pig. He is a very sweet boy, and like all of his relatives and ancestors before him, he has a weak immune system. I do my best to limit the amount of germs he comes into contact.

Likewise, for those who own pets in the reptile family, ALWAYS WASH YOUR HANDS AFTER HANDLING YOUR PET. Please, for your sake, and every person you come into contact with, thoroughly wash your hands. These guys carry salmonella!

Wash hands or hand sanitize before eating, especially in public.


Yes, it is a really good habit to get into when eating outside of your house to wash your hands or hand sanitize before eating.

Fast food, you handle your money before eating your food, so wash or hand sanitize!

At a restaurant, you touch door handles to enter, and flip through the menu to figure out what you want. Menus are the filthiest thing in a restaurant. Please see this article: The Dirtiest Thing on a Restaurant Table.

Wash hands or hand sanitize after using the public computer lab.


What is that on the keyboard? I hope it is just food...

I don't even want to know what could possibly be on the public computer's keyboard, mouse, monitor, etc. we are going to move to the next point.

Cough and sneeze into your arm.


Please don't sneeze into the air to let those germs fly and travel where no germ has gone before. Also, don't sneeze or cough into your hand, you're just going to touch other things to spread the germs around.

Sneezing and coughing into your arm/elbow area is the best way to limit germs from spreading and being respectful to those around you who do not want to get sick.

Do not place book bag on bed.

It's inevitable that your book bag, purse, gym bag, or any other type of bag will sit on the floor. Some floors are cleaner than others.

Since bags are often sat on the ground, they follow the same logic as shoes. I do not place my book bag or purse on my bed! To me it is the same thing as shoes, it has been on the ground, therefore it does not belong on my bed!

Please don't be offended if I avoid you when you're sick.


If you have the sniffles, I'll still hang out with you, I'll just be sure not to touch any of your things.

However, if you or a family are sick with the flu and/or vomiting, or worse DO NOT invite me to your house, and DO NOT come over to my house. I'm absolutely disgusted when I go over to someone's house and then they tell me that a relative is puking their guts out. Ummmm, what? Thanks for inviting me into your abode of horrors? Nasty!

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