You Are Stronger Than You Feel
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You Are Stronger Than You Feel

Do not be so hard on yourself

You Are Stronger Than You Feel

“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, stand a little taller...”

You are stronger than you feel, I promise. Life is going to knock you down from time to time. Sometimes it is for the best, because those horrible times are what makes you a stronger person. I am speaking from personal experience because some days I just want to crawl under a rock. Meaning that I am extra hard on myself about grades, friendships, and how I look in the mirror. Then, I realized that I am stronger than I even know. Sometimes we try to block out the world because of stress, overwhelming situations etc. I am telling you to believe in yourself and do not block out the ones who truly believe in you.

Those bad situations are the ones that made us so strong. For example if you loose a best friend to a terrible argument, that only makes you stronger in handling bad days. You have to have those awful times to get to the most wonderful times in your life.

Now I relate my life to Pretty Little Liars, a lot, because I have watched every single episodes once and some multiple times.

Warning if you have not watched the show and want to, I recommend you stream Netflix like immediately. These 11 times that the Pretty Little Liars have stayed strong even on the bad days, could be spoilers if you want to still get on board for the Pretty Little Liars Army.

1. When Caleb broke up with Hanna back in season three, trying to protect each other.

Hanna was down for a couple of days, where she listened to sad music and wore sweats all the time. Then she realized that if it was meant to be, it would be okay.

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2. That time Aria had a panic attack in the bathroom, and all she needed was a hug.

Aria was scared because she thought someone was after her in the school's bathroom.

3. When Aria got locked in a box and almost thrown off the train in the Halloween episode, season three.

She stayed strong for Ezra because he was freaking out since she got hurt.

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4. The elevator accident that happened to Emily and Jason.

With Jason helping her be brave and strong, Emily got to safety while the elevator dropped at a high speed with Jason still in it.

5. The lodge fire.

The girls stayed strong when the lodge caught on fire.

6. Emily saves Aria, Mona and herself from getting ran down by -A in season four.

The landing was not so good for Emily, because she injured her shoulder, but she stayed strong for Paige.

7. Ali gets arrested for Mona's "death".

All fingers are pointed at Ali, but she stays strong because she knows she is not the killer.

8. Not too long after the four other girls: Aria, Emily, Spencer, and Hanna are hauled off to jail along with Alison.

The girls are scared, but stay strong because they are being falsely accused, what a surprise. -A has new tricks up his or her sleeve for the pretty little liars.

9. The ride from the court room to the jail makes a detour.

Surprise, surprise -A has found his or her dolls at last. Time to put them in a house all for their selves. -A thinks that she will keep them forever, but the girls' friends and families will never stop looking for them.

10. All five girls: Aria, Emily, Spencer, Hanna, and Mona are freed from being -A's dolls.

They think everything is fine and Aria even has an art gallery opening, but someone has other art they would like on the wall instead. The unveiling of her art occurs, but it is not her photos. Instead its -A's handy work from inside the dollhouse. The girls' and Aria's mom hold it together the best they can.

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12. Flash five years forward, and the girls are called back to Rosewood.

The past stays with us. The girls stick together, even though they are grown up, they will always be there for each other.

Pretty Little Liars shows us all that bad situations make you stronger every time. Also, that you do not have to be so hard on yourself because you are stronger than you even know sometimes.

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