You Are Probably Guilty Of Participating In At Least One Of These Fads
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You Are Probably Guilty Of Participating In At Least One Of These Fads

Get ready to dive into nostalgia.

You Are Probably Guilty Of Participating In At Least One Of These Fads

Kids toy fads come and go in the blink of an eye. We are all familiar with this year’s infamous fidget spinner. Teachers hate it as much as kids love the simple toy. It is this simple toy that started my reminiscing about the toys that I just had to have, because well… everyone had one. I’ve come up with a list of 6 toy fads which I went through. Get ready to dive into nostalgia.

1. Kooky Pens

These were any parent’s worst nightmare at the checkout register.

You saw the kids who had lanyards upon lanyards of these comical pens. You might have been jealous of the kid who had a rare Kooky and wouldn’t trade it. Regardless these took up space in many a student’s pencil case. I don’t think I ever got to writing because I was so absorbed into picking out which Kooky Pen would be the right one to use for the task.

2. Webkinz

How much money did we spend on these?!

These cute plush animals came with a precious code to unlock the online world of Webkinz. Online you could decorate your animal’s room, dress them, feed them, play numerous games, and visit friends’ houses. This was training a young generation for Facebook. I remember going over to friend’s houses and envying all the Webkinz they had. It was even worse when they would bring them to school and complain how hard it was to carry ALL of their Webkinz. Luckily enough if you remember your username and password you can still go online and play with your malnourished pets. #ripclubpenguin

3. Tamagotchi

Another fad carried on a lanyard.

These simple electronic devices kept idle brains so occupied. Looking back these toys couldn’t really do much. They could eat, play simple games, poop, have babies with your friend’s Tamagotchi’s, and most frequently die. I’m pretty sure I had a new character every other day. Then your friends would get mad at you for letting your baby die! It was too hard to be a responsible parent at age 8.

4. Heelys

The coolest pair of sneakers you ever owned.

These sneakers were all the rage back in the early 2000s. Within no time stores and schools had these rolling sneakers banned. It was a good thing that the wheels could pop out so they could double as a normal shoe/ status symbol.

5. Speed Stacks

The endless competition.

This racing agility game had friends at odds with each other. It was a race to see who in the class could go through the series of set stacks the fastest. All in all the best part was slamming your hands down on the timer at the end.

6. Silly bands

When our arms couldn’t breathe.

To trade and collect, these bracelets were so fun. I remember begging my parents to take me to Walgreens to pick up pack after pack. They came in a menagerie of shapes and colors. It was so fun to see which ones your friends had and it was the best thing when you had matching bands. Well maybe having a rare one was a bit better. What was most impressionable to me about this fad was well the impression they left on your skin from cutting off circulation. That and the wicked tan lines.

I hope this brought back some good memories for you. I know it did for me, in fact thinking about it makes me realize that I still own a few of these toys. It’s probably some time for some Spring cleaning for me!

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