Yodeling Walmart Boy Took Over The Internet And I Am He-r-ee-reeeee For It
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Yodeling Walmart Boy Took Over The Internet And I Am He-r-ee-reeeee For It

the purest of small western yodelers

Yodeling Walmart Boy Took Over The Internet And I Am He-r-ee-reeeee For It

If you have a Twitter you probably have seen...

Wait lemme start over

If you have any sort of life at all and don’t spend your hours beneath a rock or at the bottom of the sea, your ears have been graced with the musical stylings of the Walmart yodeling boy: the purest form of entertainment the interconnected web has seen in many moons. This small blond brings everything to the table (aisle?). He’s got the charm, the voice, the hat, the belt buckle, and the awkward old lady in the corner of his video, marveling at this toe-tapping small cowboy.

With the cutest look on the block and the sweetest lil vintage country voice, it is no wonder that this tiny buckaroo has racked in the retweets, comments, and favorites. The video became most popular after being tweeted by @dumbassvegan who captioned it: me: which aisle can I find the lightbulbs? Walmart employee: (the video). The tweet received 50k retweet and 181k favorites!! I don’t really think the caption is that funny, but it didn’t need to be funny. The video alone is life altering.

But who is this delicate yodeling phenomenon? His name is Mason Ramsey, a ten year old from Illinois.

He has two other videos that are additionally circulating: one of him singing “Hey Good Lookin’” and another where he is shown PREVIOUSLY singing in a Walmart (why is Walmart his chosen stage?) in a shopping cart bc why not.

In response to Mason’s videos, other twitter users have created parody videos and have started rumors about him. Along with a photo that is circulating, many accounts are claiming

that mason has been working with Kanye and rick Ruben, but the picture was photo shopped. That’s a whole bunch of baloney.

Mason is so pure. Let’s keep himpure. I hope to see him on Ellen soon.

Here’s a link to Mason’s full video: https://twitter.com/dumbassvegan/status/978650667094040576?s=21

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