Yes, I Am A Bitch, And I'm OK With That

Yes, I Am A Bitch, And I'm OK With That

You can call me whatever you want, just know that this bitch is going places.

I don’t know if it’s because I recently moved below the Mason-Dixon Line and my New England sarcasm doesn’t translate well, the current change in political climate or what, but I have been called a bitch more than anything else in 2017.

As with most things, I try to find the positive side, so I’ve decided that the haters are right.

I am a bitch.

But you know what? I’m okay with that, and you should be too. So, here is how I am deciding to change the meaning of being a bitch.


Being a boss bitch is about self-confidence, which means loving oneself inside and out. No one loves how they look all the time, but bitches have the confidence to rock what they’ve got, even after feasting shamelessly on a 20-piece chicken nugget meal and a self-tanning disaster. If you want to slay like Beyoncé, you have to own it because when you know you’re a goddess other people see it too.


Perhaps Lisa Kleypas said it best: “A well-read woman is a dangerous creature.” Dangerous because women have been limited culturally for thousands of years and now they are finally being acknowledged as inventors and scientists, as athletes, journalists, heads of state, supreme court justices and activists. Dangerous because we serve the greatest threat to patriarchal traditions. As a boss bitch your only limit is you, glass ceiling or no glass ceiling, and it always benefits you to be smarter than the next guy.


Albert Einstein, the Nobel Prize winning physicist and one of the most brilliant minds of the 20th century, was unable to speak fluently until he was nine-years-old. Michael Jordan, the man who could never seem to retire and was responsible for 6,672 rebounds, 5,633 assists and 32,292 total points, was once quoted, “I’ve missed more than 9,000 shots in my career. I've lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I've been trusted to take the game-winning shot and missed. I've failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed."

Being a bitch is about never giving up. It’s about acknowledging shortcomings, learning from mistakes and relentlessly working towards success.


Take it from George Addair who was quoted as saying, “Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear”. Being a boss bitch means taking chances and not letting fear influence decisions.


Knowing your worth is different than elevating yourself above others. Being beautiful, intelligent, tenacious and courageous has no meaning unless it is balanced by humility. Bitches have to be self-deprecating because there is always room for personal growth and there is no greater hindrance to success than hubris, just ask any protagonist in a Greek parable.

We have to stop attacking the Hillary Clintons of the world based on their demeanor when in the race of grumpiest politician I think we can all agree that she has some pretty impressive male competitors.

You can call me whatever you want, just know that this bitch is going places.

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Apocalypse not Armageddon

Why Humanity Needs To Seek An Apocalypse, And Completely Reject Any Notion Of Armageddon

When civilizations teeters on the brink of change, typically the breakdown of complex society; beliefs in the “end of the world”, end times prophecies from religions, and other notions of the world as one knows it ceasing to exist grow popular amongst segments of society. This phenomenon has been witnessed throughout history, with a famous account being within the fall of the Western Roman civilization. What became Christianity had elements of some of these end times mentalities that are still present in the religion to this day. One can observe, particularly in the Western world where Christianity is most prominent, a notion that as western civilization faces the challenges of its own in a contradiction; so the appearance that the world is ending is both merited and irrational.

It is undeniable that the social constructed institutions and mechanisms of society, not just in the West but globally, are failing to deal with their own contradictions in terms of economics, politics, religious strife, social discontent, etc. These factors all play a part in the destabilizing of society and the undoing of complex systems of civilization that make up modern life. Added to this, the mechanisms that are breaking down have been for centuries contributing to the slow ecological suicide of anthropocentrism. This philosophical mentality that humanity first and foremost has the right to do whatever humanity wishes with planet, its resources, and the other lifeforms harboring within the biosphere; which has accumulated into the literal breakdown of the massive complex systems of nature. The contradictions of global civilization are creating the circumstances in which the entire biosphere risks collapsing. This indeed would lead to the end of complex human society and possibly the species as a whole. The skies may not rain fire, demons may not rise from the depths of the underworld; but for all intents and purposes, it is likely the closest humanity will come to a self induced Armageddon, short of a global nuclear war.

But this is where an interesting linguistic focus creates distinctly different ideas. Many attribute the idea of Armageddon with the idea of the Apocalypse; but this is largely a mistake from centuries of translation. Apocalypse is rooted in a Greek terminology that essentially means “revealing“, an awakening of perception to reveal the greater truth of reality. Where Armageddon is a distinct idea built around Christian end times mentality; Apocalypse does not imply the end of anything. It does not imply that the world is ending, society is falling apart, civilization is destabilizing; arguably quite the opposite.

The Apocalypse, as a concept, is a moment that offers change in either direction of positive or negative repercussions. The reaction to the revealing of perception and the awakening of what the human species could evolve into leaves us all with the recognition that humanity does not have to die off; we do not have to let civilization collapse. Apocalypse occurred in the past once before, the transitioning of the European dark ages to the Renaissance and the Enlightenment. This transitional period allowed a completely new perception of existence for human life to be built out of the knowledge gained from the expanded perception. And considering events like the bubonic plague and other mass deaths occurred during this timeframe, where massive portions of the worlds population died off in a short period of time; the possibility of European civilization collapsing beyond repair was a real possibility. But as we reflect back today, the apocalyptic unfolding of this era proved not to be a breakdown of complexity, but an expanded and energized growth and evolution on scales unseen in Europe for centuries, not since the days of antiquity before the fall of Rome.

So as we humans deal with the stress of balancing civilization in a manner that can prevent complex structures from buckling under the weight of modern life; we must also learn to grow and strengthen the bonds of society and the connection shared between all members the human species. The threat of Armageddon we face is on a global scale; no longer will one region fall into dark ages as others continue on. Twenty First century global civilization means that we are all in this complex situation together. We must therefore recognize that a willful and deliberate Apocalypse is the needed alternative to awaken the minds of the human race in order to create the conscious awareness that we require for survival.

Cover Image Credit: Mystic Investigations

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How The NRA Funds And Frames American Politics

Money talks. (And stops others from doing so, too.)

Unsurprisingly the National Rifle Association, like many other enormous organizations, funds political campaigns and careers of American leaders. Based on legal and judicial precedents, the NRA's contributions to politics are nearly unlimited. Not only does its campaign funding help put and keep certain people in power, but the NRA's impact gives it a major seat at the table where American policies are formed.

Due to the NRA's clear connection to the gun industry, the NRA tends to prop up leaders who will continue to take its side. That includes defending gun rights, or refusing to comment, tragedy after tragedy.

In reaction to the tragedy at Stoneman Douglas High, the 18th school shooting of 2018, it is time to take a closer look at our leaders, their funding, and where they stand today.

The leaders, all Republican Senators, with the top 10 most funding from the NRA are as follows:

1. Senator John McCain - $7,740,521

2. Senator Richard Burr - $6,986,620

3. Senator Roy Blunt - $4,551,146

4. Senator Thom Tillis - $4,418,012

5. Senator Cory Gardner - $3,879,064

6. Senator Marco Rubio - $3,303,355

7. Senator Joni Ernst - $3,124,273

8. Senator Rob Portman - $3,061,941

9. Senator Todd Young - $2,896,732

10. Senator Bill Cassidy - $2,861,047

$42,822,711 is a lot of money. And that's just the top 10.

Considering Twitter is the main platform for American leaders to respond quickly and efficiently to current events, here are the twitter accounts of each of these representatives following the shooting.

1. Senator John McCain tweeted his support to the families the morning after the shooting.

2. Senator Richard Burr made no comment. This is his latest tweet:

3. Senator Roy Blunt made no comment. This is his latest tweet:

4. Senator Thom Tillis did remind Americans to keep the victims in their prayers, but then shifted back to the current policy debates in Washington.

5. Senator Cory Gardner tweeted out his prayers to the first responders.

6. Senator Marco Rubio had the most to say in response to the shooting. Here are his tweets beginning with his first response and ending with the last portion of his timeline:

7. Senator Joni Ernst made no comment. This is her latest tweet:

8. Senator Rob Portman sent his prayers.

9. Senator Todd Young sent his prayers.

10. Senator Bill Cassidy also sent his prayers. But, quickly returned to the immigration debate.


Three out of ten of these Senators, heavily funded by the NRA, did not comment at all. Ten out of ten of these Senators avoided any comments that pointed to the need for change or new legislation.

You can say that this is a coincidence. Or, you can realize that the NRA's money talks, while it silences those who it funds.

In a time that so desperately needs swift change, letting the NRA manipulate our leaders like puppets is not okay. We must take action if we want to see any action made to protect our children, our schools, and our nation.

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