Yes, I'm A Junior, But I'm Also A Transfer, So Give Me A Break

Yes, I'm A Junior, But I'm Also A Transfer, So Give Me A Break

It may be funny to joke about, but be a little sympathetic to my situation.

I know everyone's favorite joke is freshmen. They have no idea where they are going, they are overly excited about college life, and you can literally pick them out of any crowd. But what if this junior is afraid to be the blunt of freshmen jokes... Ya know why?

Because I am a transfer.

I come from a community college where all of my classes were in one building. It was not much different than high school, to be honest. We had maybe 40 in my biggest classes, no SEC football team, no sororities, fraternities, 10 different libraries, etc. So please, before you giggle and point and say I look like a freshman, give me a break.

I might be lost... for a while. Y'all have like 10 different parking lots for one building, a different building for all of my classes, over 100 people in my classes, etc. Needless to say, this place is huge compared to what I am used to. So if I walk in circles with a campus map and my schedule, looking horribly confused, help a sister out and don't make jokes. Not all of us had the luxury of going to our big fancy four-year school from the beginning. Point me in the direction of my class, show me a helpful shortcut, or let me walk with you if you're going that way. You were once in this place, so try to be sympathetic.

If I get slightly overexcited about homecoming, football season, rush, or other campus activities, don't make fun of me. I have felt like I was in a continuation of high school for the last two years, so now that I am getting to experience actual college life, I may be slightly excited. I'm sure I'll be over it soon, but just let me have my fun, because in the end, I missed out on two years that you got.

I'm not asking for a pity party, but be a little sympathetic that I am pretty much starting over. I may look like a freshman, but I can promise you it feels worse than it looks. Leaving my friends, family, boyfriend, moving to a new town where I know very few people, and knowing that school is about to get a whole lot harder now that I am done with basics. All of this is a big adjustment, so if you could skip the jokes and lend a hand, that would be greatly appreciated.

So here's to being the new girl, the one who looks like a silly freshman, the one who's lost, confused, and nervous. And here's to me asking all you returning students who may think it's fun to judge, to not.

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4. "What should I caption this??"

5. "Is it bad if I text ____ first??"

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7. *Roommate tells an entire story* "Wait, what?"

8. "How is it already 3 AM?"

9. "I need a drink."

10. "McDonalds? McDonalds."


12. "Okay like, for real, I need to study."

13. "Why is there so much hair on our floor?"

14. "I think I'm broke."

15. "What do I respond to this?"

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46. "OMG, my phone is at 1 percent."

47. "Should we skip class?"

48. "What should we be for Halloween?"

49. "I love our room."

50. "What would I do without you guys???"

Cover Image Credit: Hannah Gabaldon

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Why Disneyland really isn't the 'happiest place on earth'

I don't know how it can be the happiest place on Earth when I can't even afford a churro there.


Disneyland is self-proclaimed as the "Happiest Place on Earth". Disney's influence is undeniable as the huge industry has put out many huge movies like our beloved Disney princesses all the way to the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the Avengers. We will forever be thankful for the television shows they gave us like the Suite Life of Zack and Cody, That's So Raven, Wizards of Waverly Place, Hannah Montana, and Lizzie McGuire - just to name a few.

Curry eating popcorn gif steph curry eating popcorn

We'll even try to sweep under the rug this very odd random new era of Disney television which gave us Liv and Maddie and whoever thought it was a good idea to give Jake Paul a TV show in Bizaardvark. (Which is also a very dumb name for a show and I'm beyond lost how that made it through production)

SMH gif shaking head gif

However, for most kids, Disney has always had a positive impact on us and we loved coming home from school and watching Disney Channel on a daily basis. The idea of going to Disneyland was like one of the biggest dreams a child could have. As a child, Disney may have even exceeded our expectations and then some. As we grow up though we can start to look behind the curtain and see that Disneyland is not the happiest place on Earth and it may not even be close.

friends shock gif shocked gif

One of the best things about going to Disneyland as well, getting to go to Disneyland. In 2018 it might have just gotten a little bit harder especially if you're a broke college kid trying to splurge. The prices have once again risen for the theme park *fake gasp*. The normal price of admission increased this year by 7 dollars, which isn't a lot but definitely matters when you add it up. On a peak day (Aka any day actually worth going like the weekends when people don't work) the price has increased by 11 dollars for a total of 135$ …. for one ticket. That is a lot of money. That is also only for Disneyland, if you want to go to California Adventure too which is the one that actually has rides worth going on when you're above 5 years old then you're gonna have to cough up some extra money because now the price for one is 185$, before tax. I don't know how it can be the happiest place on Earth when I can't even afford a churro there.

Being poor gif no money gif

For comparison's sake of other theme parks also in California if you look to Six Flags the cost of admission is only 85$ which is less than half of Disneyland's cost and it drops further to only 65$ for admission just for paying for the tickets as early as a single day in advance. At Knott's Berry Farm which is also an honorable theme park, the price of admission is only 79$ and that price drops to 46$ for simply paying for your tickets online, even same day.

realization gif

You also have to pay for parking at Disneyland which isn't cheap as well as the food there which is easily 5$ for a drink and near 10$ for any food item you would like which everybody knows is overpriced.

Youre right gif

I think the worst part about this whole Disney being greedy and only wanting people's money is the reason why they said they were raising prices again. Disneyland claims that increasing prices will decrease the overpacking of people at the park for an overall better experience for the people going. That was the worst lie I have ever heard, not only does the claim sound illogical but a total slap in the face for everyone. Just take the money and go Disney. We all know you're the crappiest place on earth.

Tony Stark eye roll

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