I know everyone's favorite joke is freshmen. They have no idea where they are going, they are overly excited about college life, and you can literally pick them out of any crowd. But what if this junior is afraid to be the blunt of freshmen jokes... Ya know why?

Because I am a transfer.

I come from a community college where all of my classes were in one building. It was not much different than high school, to be honest. We had maybe 40 in my biggest classes, no SEC football team, no sororities, fraternities, 10 different libraries, etc. So please, before you giggle and point and say I look like a freshman, give me a break.

I might be lost... for a while. Y'all have like 10 different parking lots for one building, a different building for all of my classes, over 100 people in my classes, etc. Needless to say, this place is huge compared to what I am used to. So if I walk in circles with a campus map and my schedule, looking horribly confused, help a sister out and don't make jokes. Not all of us had the luxury of going to our big fancy four-year school from the beginning. Point me in the direction of my class, show me a helpful shortcut, or let me walk with you if you're going that way. You were once in this place, so try to be sympathetic.

If I get slightly overexcited about homecoming, football season, rush, or other campus activities, don't make fun of me. I have felt like I was in a continuation of high school for the last two years, so now that I am getting to experience actual college life, I may be slightly excited. I'm sure I'll be over it soon, but just let me have my fun, because in the end, I missed out on two years that you got.

I'm not asking for a pity party, but be a little sympathetic that I am pretty much starting over. I may look like a freshman, but I can promise you it feels worse than it looks. Leaving my friends, family, boyfriend, moving to a new town where I know very few people, and knowing that school is about to get a whole lot harder now that I am done with basics. All of this is a big adjustment, so if you could skip the jokes and lend a hand, that would be greatly appreciated.

So here's to being the new girl, the one who looks like a silly freshman, the one who's lost, confused, and nervous. And here's to me asking all you returning students who may think it's fun to judge, to not.