'New Year, New Me'? Only If You Know How To Plan
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'New Year, New Me'? Only If You Know How To Plan

The dos and don'ts of new year's resolutions.

'New Year, New Me'? Only If You Know How To Plan

Every year, right around the holiday season, people all over the world decide that now is the time to change their lives. In conversation, we will begin to hear, “New year, new me!” Facebook statuses will consist of lists of what your friends intend to do in order to become their “ideal selves.” Realistically, most people end up practicing their resolution for a week or two, and then give up. The reason their resolutions tend not to work out is because many people create these resolutions to become a person that someone else wants them to be. In their minds, they might be convinced that it is time to lose thirty pounds because they need to. Oftentimes, though, they want to lose weight or change their lifestyle in hopes of pleasing someone else. For this reason, here are some New Years’ Resolution tips to keep you on track.

DO: Something for yourself.

Yes, it can be a new year and a new you, as long as the new you is actually someone who you want to be. Make your resolution something that will make you genuinely happy.

DON’T: Create a resolution because someone else wants you to.

Nothing is more important during the new year than becoming someone you want to be. No one else’s opinion matters at this point. If you are completely happy the way you are, then stay that way. If you would be happier by changing an aspect of your life, then do it. But never put your happiness on hold because someone else wants to change something about you. You are perfect as long as you are you.

DO: Something realistic.

The New Year is not the time to try to change your entire lifestyle. Don’t try to lose 20 pounds in 10 weeks. No, you will not be able to read 52 books in 2017 on top of trying to work and go to school. Make your goal attainable. Your resolution should be realistic for you and your lifestyle, so that you don’t end up giving up after a short period of time.

As anything else, your resolution should be for you. Creating a resolution that is realistic, specific, and because it is something you actually want is a surefire way to actually accomplish your resolution in the New Year.

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