New Year, Natural You

The New Year has started which means if you haven’t already, it’s time to get working on that New Year’s resolution. You know that promise you made yourself at midnight when you were either exhausted, inebriated, asleep or kissing a stranger. Now is the time to fulfill your resolution OR change it. Since everyone will be too focused on their dumb idea it’s now or never.

When it comes to resolutions, a lot of people choose to change an aspect in their life that will better their lifestyle usually their health. Some people will decide to exercise more or at all, others will eat healthier but there’s another option to make a better and healthier you and that’s going the natural products route.

Natural products are often overlooked in favor of mainstream brands. Additionally, they’re not the most inexpensive option out of the two, but they are better for you in the long run. Below is a list of hygiene products that can be replaced with inexpensive all natural products in lieu of chemical ones.

1. Body Wash

Instead of using body wash from a bottle use a soap bar. Handmade soap bars, are usually available for purchase at craft fairs or stores like the Waxwing if you live in Milwaukee. They usually contain essential oils that are beneficial for your skin and overall health. Also, these are exponentially better for you and the environment in the long run.

Prices range but most handmade soap bars cost around $3-$5.

2. Deodorant

Everyone uses deodorant, unless their Matthew McConaughey. What they don’t realize is how much aluminum in addition to other chemicals reside in your system long after the deodorant has faded off or washed away. Natural deodorant, is an easy solution. It comes in a variety of smells and doesn’t contain dangerous chemicals. It also lasts longer and doesn’t leave residue.

Prices for natural deodorant tend to be a little more expensive costing around $10, depending on the company. A more inexpensive solution involves making your own deodorant or using vinegar.

3. Moisturizer

In place of a lotion, use coconut oil to make sure your skin stays hydrated. Considered to be a multi-purpose product, coconut oil as a moisturizer can be used in a variety of ways. It can be used in place of lotion or lip balm or even before-shampoo conditioner.

To combat the price of coconut oil, try buying it at a warehouse like Costco. A huge vat of it coasts around $25 but it lasts forever.

4. Exfoliators or Scrubs

Exfoliators also known as scrubs, are used to get rid of dead skin and give it a smooth and glowing finish. While not all exfoliators are bad some contain chemicals that strip the skin of its’ natural oils and damage it. Natural exfoliators can be found at craft fairs, stores like Lush, or you can make them at home using olive oil, sugar, and essential oils.

Exfoliators or scrubs at department stores can cost around $20, while natural ones or homemade ones cost around $10.

5. Toothpaste

Like deodorant, people use toothpaste every single day or at least they should. Natural toothpaste contains the benefits that big name toothpaste manufactures include in their products for a higher cost. They eliminate bad breath, whiten and strengthen your teeth. Like other products natural toothpaste can be made at home using baking soda and essential oils.

Natural toothpaste like the ones at Trader Joe’s costs around $4, which isn’t huge price difference in comparison to other brands. Homemade toothpaste costs even less.

It’s officially time to decide your New Year’s resolution. Remember, using natural products is an easy way to improve your health and overall lifestyle. It may seem strange using products out of a jar instead of a plastic bottle or tube, but it’s worth it for the environment and yourself. It’s one of the more easy changes you can adapt to during this year, at least easier than going to the gym

So what will it be: New Year, same you or New Year, better you?

The choice is yours.

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