Every year, people create a list of their New Year's resolutions. Most of these consist of stopping bad habits or having a healthier lifestyle. I think resolutions should consist of new hobbies that someone would like to try or things they would like to do. That way their resolutions are helping them live life to the fullest and they could be crossing things off their bucket list at the same time. Here are ten different hobbies that someone could try this next year.

1. Sign up to run some sort of race!

Running any sort of race is an accomplishment, and the training you have to do for it leads to a happier and healthier you.

2. Learn how to play an instrument.

No matter what instrument you try and teach yourself, it's either a calming hobby that you'll love or it's not something for you; whichever the case, it's worth the try.

3. Do a craft you've had pinned on Pinterest for the past two years.

Doing a craft is inexpensive and a great way to relax. Almost everyone has at least one thing they've always wanted to paint or create.

4. Plan a trip.

Planning a trip doesn't actually mean you spend the money and travel to that place, but the thought and plan of it can help you lead to a vacation there in the future.

5. Do a puzzle.

Doing a puzzle is time-consuming, but when you finish you will feel accomplished and satisfied.

6. Cook or bake!

Cook or bake your favorite dish and have a blast while doing it. You can try and teach yourself new things in the kitchen that will shock your family members.

7. Learn a foreign language.

There are plenty of websites and tapes and books that can teach you a new language. It's very beneficial to be bilingual, too!

8. Become an expert at one thing.

Research a case study or a random fact or something about plastic and become an expert in it. Make it your topic of conversation with your friends, that way you always have something to bring to the table and you'll be educated on it.

9. Read books/magazines/newsletters.

Reading may not be your forte, but any sort of reading will keep you updated in this continuously changing world.

10. Take naps.

Naps are always beneficial, but try taking them in hammocks, or on a beach, or even just on your couch instead of your bed.