Where are you going to be ….. one year, 12 months, 52 weeks, 365 days, 8,760 hours, 525,600 minutes from now. All this time will change things. Think about where you were last year. We’re you in high school? Jobless? Dating that loser of an ex? Think about how different your life will be from now.

A year from now your life will be something totally different….

You will be a better person

You will grow over the next year. Everything that you experience will make you stronger. Each opportunity you encounter is to change and mold you into the person you are meant to be. In a year you will know way more than you know now, things you never thought you’d know. In 12 months you’ll be handling situations very differently than you’ll handle them today. 52 weeks will mold and shape you into a wonderful, beautiful new person.

You’ll have different people in your life

In 365 days, your friend group and the people in your life will change. Your friend group may disband, it may grow. Some of you may go your own way and some of them may come back. In 8,760 hours you’ll meet new people who will rock your world, and change your life for the better. You’ll meet new people at work, in your classes, and in every aspect of life. Every person you cross on this crazy adventure called life crosses your path for a reason. You’ll teach them things, and they’ll teach you things! People might not be around forever so, enjoy every little moment you have with each person.

You’ll be at a different stage in your life

525,600 seconds from now, you’ll be at a new stage in your life. You’ll be a year old. You might not be in high school or college anymore. You might be living on your own, or finally driving. You might have a new job. No matter what, you’ll be at a new stage in your life. You want to make sure to enjoy the seconds you have now. Things won't ever be the same as they are today.

Live in the moment.

Absorb every single second, of the time you have. You will never be at this point in time, in your life again. You will never be the person you are right now. Each and every day you begin to grow and change into a better person. Life changes us! Especially a year from now.

On new years write a note to yourself in a year and on new years read that note. This will let you see how much you’ve grown and changed of the year. You can always write sticky notes of good things that have happened you over the year, so you can open them and look back on your year. Do something for yourself so you know how great the year has been and how much its changed you.

Since life will be such a different adventure a year from now, we want to make sure to soak up the time we have.Soak up every second, minute day, week, month and the year. Live it all up for what it is NOW. The year will change you no matter what.

Life is about moving on, accepting changes, and looking forward to what makes you stronger and more complete!