10 Reasons To Be Pumped For The New 'Animal Crossing'
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10 Reasons To Be Pumped For The New 'Animal Crossing'

You won't want to miss this updated version of your favorite childhood game.

10 Reasons To Be Pumped For The New 'Animal Crossing'

If you grew up anything like me, 'Animal Crossing' has been in your life for as long as you can remember. I played all of them, starting from the one on the GameCube. Then, it was the Nintendo DS. And now, lucky for us, it's coming to the Nintendo Switch. And from the trailers, this looks like a game that you don't want to miss. It's everything you loved about the franchise, with added graphics and new features. If that isn't enough to twist your arm, there might just be something else that'll change your mind.

1. New and Improved Character Customization

No longer are the days of only a handful of hair styles to wear. As of right now, we know there are at least a few pages of new and improved style options for your character. Not to mention, the clothes selection seems to be much larger than ever before if that's your thing.

2. Your Canvas is Blank

You heard me right. Everything in this new 'Animal Crossing' game is based off of your choices. The island layout itself is chosen by you, as well as where you place your tent or house. If that's not enough, you can even choose where your fellow islanders live and who moves in.

3. Crafting

It appears as though it will be more important to pick up your findings throughout your journey because you never know when you'll need them to craft something! Every day finds can turn into other, more useful things to help you accomplish your goals.

4. The Nookphone

Since it's 2020 now, the game has to also appear that way. It wouldn't be complete without your own little handy device, complete with helpful apps. Some of the apps that appear on the NookPhone include: Recipes App, Camera, Nook Miles and a Rescue Service.

5. Nook Miles

Nook Miles is a list of tasks that when completed, earn you points. After you've accumulated enough points, you can spend them on new fancy things for your island or even just paying back Tom Nook.

6. Mystery Islands

In some way or another, your character will be able to travel to multiple distant locations outside of your own island. Whether it be a Nook Miles reward or simply just flying there, make sure you collect as much as you can while you are there!

7. Upgraded Museum

Just like in the past, we have a museum that allows us to showcase our valuable finds. This time, it's massive. With even more items to collect, this might take a while to fill up.

8. Better House Decor

If interior design is your thing, you also won't be disappointed. With more furniture and more space to put them, your imagination can run free.

9. Autosave

If you played the previous 'Animal Crossing' game, you probably remember our good ole friend, Resetti. He showed his face whenever we forgot to save. Thankfully, he has a new job in-game since we don't have to worry about saving anymore.

10. Snapping Photos Much Easier

It looks like we can create real photoshoots with the animals and villagers, while also having a better camera set-up. It's going to be so fun snapping selfies with some amazing scenes in the background.

Did I convince you yet? Well if not, not to worry. The game hasn't even come out yet, so there is sure to be more upcoming features released once everyone starts playing. Til then, I'm going to counting down the days until I get to create my island.

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