There are so many phenomenal aspects of my school that I have taken for granted over the past three years. Going into my senior year, here are 8 things I will cherish and appreciate a little more:

1. The opportunities.

There are endless opportunities to participate in a variety of organizations. You won't get the chance to be apart of whatever you want anywhere else.

2. My sorority.

I will miss them and cherish them the most. I won't get all of these good times back, so I'll live it up while I still can. I love these girls more than anything else at this school. I have found my home away from home and the most incredible group of friends I have ever met.

3. The beauty of the campus.

It's what draws everyone's eyes to Longwood. Every building and architecture is absolutely beautiful.

4. The closeness of the students.

Because of the smallness of the school, you know almost every face. This makes our school like a family and extra special.

5. The traditions.

You do not find unique traditions like Longwood's anywhere else. Some may be a little strange, but that's what makes this school so interesting.

6. Bonus dollars.

Only one more year of these babies saving my life.

7. The rich history.

This school started as an all-girls college, so seeing what it is now and learning what happened in between is incredible.

8. The smallness of Longwood.

Not only is it a great feeling to see a friendly face walking down campus every day, but building relationships with your professors due to the small class sizes makes your learning experience that much better.

I hope you find something special about your school going into your final years before the real world. I know I sure did.