Stressed Out? Here are 5 ways on How to Unwind in College

Now that we have entered October, midterm season is upon us, or close to it. While studying and getting all of your work done is important, sleep should also be a priority. And not just any sleep, but GOOD sleep. In order to you get a quality night sleep, you'll need to unwind before just jumping into bed. Most college students don't have hours to spend unwinding and relaxing, but here are a few quick tips that can do the trick.

Play relaxing music 


If you type in "relax" or "sleep" into Spotify, there are tons of playlists that will help relax you, and better prepare you to sleep. This first step is something you can do as you finish your last couple of tasks of the night, whether it be finishing your homework or brushing your teeth.

Essiential Oils

I'm sure you've heard of these by now, but essential oils are oils extracted from plants. Using a lavender essential oil before bed can help you sleep better and relax, as lavender has been found to have soothing properties that aid in destressing. Buying an essential oils defuse is a great way to use essential oils as it surrounds your room/area with them. However, a cheaper option may be to just buy a bottle of lavender oil and rub a drop onto your wrists or temple.

Don't eat before bed


It is recommended to have your last meal a couple hours before you intend to sleep. By doing this, you allow your body time to digest your food. Going to sleep right after you've eaten means your digestive system has to digest food while you're resting when it should be resting as well. This means that you may not be able to fall to sleep easily or have a quality night's sleep. However, drinking a cup of tea before bed can help you unwind and will not stress your digestive system (just make sure it's decaf)!

Put down your phone


I am probably not the first person to tell you this, but putting down your phone/other electronics about an hour or so before bed will help you unwind, and allow your brain to create the melatonin it needs to send your body the message to sleep.



Ever been reading something for class and found yourself start to doze off? Reading is a great way to relax before bed. Reading a book/magazine/print on paper is less strenuous on the eyes than a phone or electronic device is, and can actually help lull you to sleep.

All of these tips should be helpful in allowing you to unwind after a busy day, before heading off to sleep! Getting a good night's rest is especially important when you have a busy week of exams, essays, and classes! Try these tips to ensure a good night's sleep.

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