Friends, let's face it. Back before How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory and plenty, plenty more, there was a group of pals that ruled television: Ross, Rachel, Phoebe, Monica and, but of course, Joey Tribbiani and Chandler Muriel Bing. (Muriel! Still funny. Never stood a chance with a name like that.) And while pairing others in the group worked extremely well too (i.e. Joey and Phoebe, Rachel and Monica, etc.) there was always something about Joey and Chandler that made the show thrive even more.

So today, if for a moment, we turn away from the political news, the post-election coverage, the YouTube searches of cats, corgis, and Vine videos now that Vine is all but dead, and we find ourselves here...

Since arriving on Netflix, Friends has been watched, watched again, and then watched some more by millions. Since its revival, other Friends stuff has surfaced with it; a dark Phoebe fan theory, a truer-than-one-might-like-to-think view on Ross, an opinion about how the six iconic New Yorkers might actually be awful people... (Yes, that exists too; here's just one linked example: But nevertheless, these seem to fall in the minority of Friends-related pieces.

The majority, you can tell where this is going, laugh out loud and enjoy it timelessly.

And so, these kinda-ranked-kinda-not GIFs of the Italian Pizza Lover Joey and the Joke-Slinging Master of the Awkward Chandler come to the rescue.

(Oh, and also from Google: Buzzfeed: - - -

But yeah, GIFs!


"Don't do the dance!"


Oh, Joey.


"Would you all stop yelling, you are ruining Moving Day for us!"


(I'm not crying, you're crying...)


Gotta admit, most of the Thanksgiving episodes were great.


Oh, the misadventures with the chick and the duck.

"12 MB of RAM, 500 MB hard drive, built-in spreadsheet capabilities and a modem that transmits at over 28,000 BPS!"

Really makes you realize how old those specs are now.


Don't forget the Holiday Armadillo!


Hopeless against burglary, but still great.


Because everyone leaves their baby (or the baby they're in charge of that day) on a bus...

And finally...


Can you find better Joey and Chandler GIFs? Or just better Friends Internet gold in general? Share it below!

So no matter who is president, what team won the World Series, or where you put your car keys this time, these Friends will always be there for you.