Right Person, Wrong Time Is Valid

Right Person, Wrong Time Is Valid

If nothing worth having comes easily, why is it inconceivable to think right person, wrong time is not valid?


Loss of love takes a toll on anyone that gets the pleasure of experiencing it. Things that once seemed so great now seem so far out of reach, and a lot of times you are left on your own with an endless amount of, "what-if's," due to lack of closure. People close to you attempt to comfort you with cliche words that have been strung together to get you through it all.

Unfortunately, something that I have learned is that the only person who can make sense of what you are going through and how you process those emotions is you. Think about it; No one else was there to see the way your significant portrayed themselves when it was just you two. No one was there to experience the late night texts and the feelings that you can recall. Most importantly, not one person experienced the break-up or ghosting, whatever the proper terminology may be, that you did.

People in your life will try to dictate how you feel and when you feel it at their convenience, but as far as getting over someone goes; it is an individual process.

It is easy in this modern world to fill your life with distractions and convince yourself that you aren't affected by the emotions that once consumed you. However, sometimes reality just sneaks up on you when you're least expecting it.

The true test of whether or not you are truly over someone is being able to look them in the eyes and have a conversation with them. If you are able to walk away from that unaffected, it may be safe assessment to be made that you are over that person. That isn't to say that if you walk away with a sense of nostalgia that you are still in love with this person. It is definitely conceivable that you can miss the memories more than the actual person.

Although, if there are emotions that seem stronger than that, the feelings that have been repressed overtime are potentially as relevant as they once were. If people stopped being so concerned with the way that others perceive their lifestyle, maybe they wouldn't hesitate to act on these emotions.

Speaking from personal experience, putting yourself out there ultimately leaves you with the slightest bit of comfort even knowing that you tried.

Now more than ever, there is a negative stigma attached to expressing your feelings due to shame and fear of rejection. But isn't it worth the risk? If you don't believe so, maybe you aren't as in love as you think you are.

There are a million ideas out there attached to love and unrequited feelings. Many say that the excuse, "right person, wrong time," is not valid. The argument attached is that love will overpower timing, and if it is the right person, time will never be an issue.

I didn't believe it myself for a while, but who is to say that things couldn't work down the road? Why is it so easy for us to make this assumption, yet continue to argue that, "nothing worth having comes easily?"

If nothing worth having comes easily, wouldn't that give credit to the idea that maybe there is such thing as meeting the right person at the wrong time? I certainly think so.

No one has it all figured out. People construct their own sense of truth in order to help themselves reconcile the hurt they are experiencing.

Everyone has their interpretations that have been molded individually, but one common fall back exhibited by many, is fate. Most of us take comfort in the idea that maybe everything does happen for a reason; if it is meant to be, it will be.

With your own beliefs and understanding of the world, it is up to you to decide your own approach. Will you sit back and let fate run its course? Or will you set your pride aside and do what is best for you? No one else can make these decisions.

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