Writing Tools For 2019

Every writer knows that writing is only half the battle. You still have to edit and polish up a piece before it is fully ready for publishing. Knowing which tools can help you and which can't is beneficial to any writer. Here are my favorite writing tools for 2019!

Headline Analyzer

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This tool takes whatever crazy headline you've come up with and tries to help you make it better by analyzing how it will do in searches and SEO. Perfect for when you question yourself and how you've labeled that recent article.

Topic Generator

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Brain freeze. Writer's block. Just an idea, but no direction. Whatever you call it, this tool can take a few general words and turn them into a great idea when you just can't figure out what you should write about next.


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Are you a more visual person who likes to see an outline or idea before you write it? Do you sometimes collaborate with other writers? Then, Trello is for you. A visual board of sticky notes for any idea or project can guide your thoughts before you sit down to write.

Cliche Finder

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Over the moon. Leave no stone unturned. Few and far between. Cliches are so much fun, but sometimes too many can make your work look a bit childish. Avoid a massive amount of cliches by running your writing through the cliche finder. Once it is done you can pick and choose which cliches you want to keep and which might be hurting your writing.

Pro Writing Aid

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Pro Writing Aid is an amazing tool that searches text for so many things that might be wrong with it. This system fixes the flow and style of your writing and helps you find the best way to say what you wanna say without sounding awkward. It also checks your sentence structure so you'll never have to worry about a run on again.


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While Pro Writing Aid does check your grammar, it only checks it in the part of the text you input manually into their system. Grammarly, on the other hand, checks all your writing everywhere. You can have it in Word on your computer, in your browser as an extension, on your phone as an app, and more. Grammarly does exactly what you think it does, checks your writing for grammar issues and tells you why they are wrong. It also suggests the best way to correct those errors.

What are your favorite writing tools to use in 2019?

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