Writing The "Right" Content

For days where you're asking yourself, "Am I writing the “right” content?", here's some things to consider.

Whether you’re writing for a blog, for an online newspaper, for a class, for fun, or with intentions to publish someday, you’ll probably wonder somewhere along the way if you’re on the right track.

Writers everywhere doubt their writing. We criticize ourselves and ask ourselves if what we’re writing is quality content. We’ll sit and work, and then re-work what we’re writing until we like what we have in front of us, and still feel unsure. This uncertainty goes along with simultaneously having a sense of pride in our work. An explanation of this is tough, really, because it seems much too contradictory to say that we are proud but unsure of ourselves. But then again, isn’t everyone?

Anyone on a sports team could be nervous before a game and still be proud to be there and playing, no matter what level they are at. Whether they play in grade school, middle school, high school, collegiate, or professional sports, they have some amount of uncertainty. That never really goes away, not completely. I don’t think it ever does. That uncertainty keeps the drive and passion alive.

The desire to keep on keeping on, to continue to write and tell stories that will entertain, inform, inspire, and much more.

The right content doesn’t exist. If you’re writing, you’re on the right track. Show it to other people when you feel ready. If you don’t feel like the piece is ready to be shown, keep writing.

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