Writing A Paper (As Told By Disney Songs)
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Writing A Paper (As Told By Disney Songs)

Because Cinderella's love song is really about sleep.

Writing A Paper (As Told By Disney Songs)

Did Cinderella ever have a midterm? Did Aladdin ever have an obnoxious TA? Did Belle ever write an essay?

The answer to all of these questions, unfortunately, is probably not. That said, these characters all have songs that relate surprisingly well to the college experience. It's almost as if these Disney characters truly knew your struggle when they sang about fairytales. So, as we prepare for the next round of papers and finals, let's find out how Disney songs tell the struggle of writing a paper.

Walking to the library: "Heigh Ho" -- "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs"

Just like the seven dwarfs, you're ready to get to work. While you might not sing while you walk (or maybe you do and don't mind the stares), the song definitely captures the essence of the journey before you start the study grind.

People staring as you unpack your stuff in McGregor: "Let It Go" -- "Frozen"

Elsa knows how it is. Backpacks are loud, so people need to get over it. While you can't create a giant ice castle to escape everyone's cold stares, you can embrace Elsa's mantra and tell them to just "let it go." Maybe even sing it, just to bug them by making even more noise.

Staring at the blank page: "Reflection" -- "Mulan"

OK, I know this one is a stretch, but the song is great. Mulan refusing to continue her charade relates to all the BSing you do instead of writing what you actually think. Also, we all kind of have an existential crisis when looking at a blank page.

Checking Facebook instead of dealing with your work: "Hakuna Matata" -- "The Lion King"

"Hakuna Matata" means no worries, which is what you pretend to have when procrastinating. More importantly, it also shows Simba running away from his problems, just like you do when putting off work. Also, he ages a ton in the song, illustrating how long you can spend on Facebook instead of working.

Daydreaming: "In Summer" -- "Frozen"

After looking at Facebook long enough, daydreaming becomes inevitable (even if those daydreams don't always involve dancing seagulls and snowmen). Olaf's ballad about the season of no homework perfectly sums up all your library fantasizing.

Snapping out of it and getting to work: "I'll Make a Man Out of You" -- "Mulan"

Shang's battle cry is a call for you to be harsh with yourself and get down to business (even if it's to defeat your paper, not the Hun). While most of us (I assume) don't cross-dress when writing a paper, Shang's pep talk to Mulan shows how to work when it's time to focus.

Actually coming up with a good idea: "For the First Time in Forever" -- "Frozen"

Anna's elation over future possibilities recalls the excitement you have when you think of an idea that isn't awful. Nothing is done yet, but as Anna says, "At least I've got a chance."

Getting distracted by the cute boy walking by: "Part of Your World" -- "The Little Mermaid"

You know when you're studying and then you look up and see a guy who must be a Disney prince strutting past Alderman and you imagine your whole life together instead of studying? Ariel knows your struggle, even though she's trapped in the super-fun ocean of singing fish and not the boring, singing-fish-free library. Plus, *spoiler alert* she gets the guy, so maybe there's hope for our library stalking.

Coming up with the second half of your paper and realizing it could kick butt: "A Whole New World" -- "Aladdin"

Papers are long. You usually need a second wind to finish, but when crack them it's "A Whole New World" of possibilities. It may not be a magic carpet, but the glimmer of an A is certainly a "shining, shimmering splendor" for your grade.

Sleep deprivation hitting: "A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes" -- "Cinderella"

OK, I know this song is about romance and all that, but the only true love when paper-writing is sleep. Maybe coffee, too. In any event, Cinderella sums up all the feels about just wanting to go to bed.

Going for Coffee: "Friend Like Me" -- "Aladdin"

Coffee is like a genie in a Starbucks cup bottle. Coffee may not grant your three wishes, but a Peppermint Mocha will help you stay awake so you have a prayer of keeping up at least a 3.0.

Typing the last paragraph: "I See the Light" -- "Tangled"

There's light at the end of the tunnel! You may not have your Disney prince/Flynn Rider, but the paper's almost done.

Proofreading/citing sources: "The Working Song" -- "Cinderella"

These are the most tedious parts of a paper. They somehow take the longest and just suck, but once you buckle down and do them, you're done. This song shows the mice venting and then getting it over with, just like this last part of a paper. Also, I can't lie, the mice are kind of annoying in the song just like citations are very annoying.

Leaving the library victorious: "Poor Unfortunate Souls" -- "The Little Mermaid"

As you leave the library, you can't help but pull an Ursula and laugh at those "poor unfortunate souls" still stuck there.

Finding out you have another paper due next week: "The Circle of Life" -- "The Lion King"

It's the circle of life: When one paper is finished, another is just beginning.

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