Being a writer is harder than it seems. You literally have to make something out of nothing, bring characters to life, and bring the reader into the story. Not to mention the countless hours it takes to just write one page of content that you later scrap. Here are all the problems that every writer will encounter at least a million times while writing a story.

1. You can’t think of the word you want to use.

It's always the worst when you have a word at the tip of your tongue but just can't think of it. It's enough to make you go crazy. Luckily there is always or Tip of My Tongue!

2. Most notebooks contain scribbles of things you can’t always read.

I swear it's something that is utterly amazing... I just can't read it. But it's great. I swear. Let me just... figure this out...

3. You write something amazing, then read that exact same idea in a book.

It's always hard to have a great idea, and then read the exact thing in a book. Or movie. Or show. All the more motivation to come up with something better.

4. You have it all mapped out in your head from the plot twists to the second book, yet you can’t get yourself to write it all out.

It seems so put together in our head... yet it's so hard to write.

5. One whole day consists of just figuring out character names.

You have to come up with a good variety of names that not only fits the character but also has meaning. You also can't have too many names that start with "A". So many things to consider for a simple name.

6. You have great pieces of dialogue and scenery but no plot to add it to.

All would be perfect if you could just think of a great plot, develop characters, and make an outline, to add this dialogue to. Is that too much to ask?

7. Your writing seems boring and predictable because you’ve read and edited a billion times.

You just got to push through.

8. You spend more time watching stories in your head than writing them.

The magic of our brains.

9. You either write ten words or ten chapters, there is no in-between.

What you see is what you get.

10. Wanting to skip ahead to write your favorite chapters.

And you do because you have to write that scene and it will keep bugging you until you do.

11. Googling questionable things such as “how to hide a dead body,” and “can you die from a pencil stabbing your heart.”

.... Don't check my search history, please.

12. You know more about each character than you do your own best friend.

You know what they say about fictional characters... they're better than real people.

13. You shed many tears over just trying to get everything in your mind onto paper.

So many things... my hands can't type fast enough.

14. You go through many cups of coffee.

My blood type is coffee.

15. Your sleeping schedule gets messed up due to your random spurts of inspiration.

My mind likes to think of the best stuff at 2 AM.

16. You think your writing is great until you read someone else's writing.

If everyone could just write really horrible to boost my self-esteem that would be great.

17. Making up names for cities, character names, etc. can be problematic for Word.

Sorry, Microsoft Word...And Monica.

18. You sometimes get so excited while writing that you misspell words... multiple times.

Sorry, Winston...

19. You have multiple half-written books.

It's not my fault I get bored with one story and get a new idea right after.