The Writer Graduates

The Writer Graduates

The starving artist, they will call you.

You have done something that most people will never understand. You have just graduated… with a Bachelor of Arts in Writing.

The starving artist, they will call you.

The struggling writer, they will call you.

When they picture your future, they will see dark rooms lit by single desk lamps, workspaces piled high with fluttering manuscripts, and you—hunched over, bags under your eyes and a red pen clenched in one fist. They see mountains of rejection letters and they feel your torment and they will wonder ‘Why did she decide to get a degree in writing?

Reality: you will face rejection and torment. But you knew this. You’re a writer. You’ve been thinking about it since you first decided to go for a writing degree all those years ago. But now you’re crossing the stage and shaking hands and wait a second, you actually have to go out there and make a living with this now.

It’s going to be all right. Like I said: you knew this. Four (or more) hard years of work are behind you, and before you is a life full of imaginative possibilities.

Two years ago, at a school event, an adult asked me what my major was, and I answered truthfully—writing.

“Oh…” he said. “What do you plan to do with that degree?”

A flash of rage passed over me. I managed to dampen my tone just before I spoke.

“Whatever I want,” I said.

It’s still true. I knew my rage was justified. It takes guts to go for an arts degree in a culture dominated by a moneymaking mindset. But the options are growing every day, and the key ingredient to making your way as a professional writer is persistence. Even if people call you a starving artist and a struggling writer, you must remember that's not the important part. Sticking with your passions and pushing to make them reality are what will keep you afloat.

Remember also that your writing degree is indeed worth something. It will get you interviews with businesses that are looking for writers with educational experience and involvement. It proves you had the focus and dedication to complete something huge, and are now willing to apply those skills to the workforce. It shows you can handle responsibility. And the amount of jobs related to writing is actually pretty high. Social media is a huge field, as is freelancing and even opportunities like guest blogging or book reviews. The jobs are out there. It might not be doctor or lawyer level pay, but once again: you knew this. You persist anyway.

A wise friend once said ‘If you can write, you’re already two steps ahead of anyone else.’

In other words, communication deserves far more credit than it gets. Take pride in your writing degree and aspire to use it however you wish. Writing is the most immortal prospect in all humanity, and you have chosen to be part of that immortality.

You’re an officially-recognized writer now. Step out there and write.

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The End Of The First Semester Of Senior Year Is A Frenzy Of Emotions

I am feeling sentimental but over it!


It is that time of the semester- finals week. The time that we all wish was here a week into the start of the semester but wish wouldn't be so dreadful when it does approach us. I have been looking forward to this time of the semester for awhile now, especially when my classes started talking about stuff that was WAY over my head (so for about 6 weeks now). But I must say, as much as I wish this semester was over, I am feeling super nostalgic of my memories this school year thus far.

This semester has been a trying one to say the least, but I am so thankful that it was my least trying semester out of the eight other semesters I have gone through. I have lost friendships, met so many new people, I have strengthened bonds, grown closer to my faith, I have learned a lot about myself and grown from it, and I have figured out what direction I am going in as a student and professional (finally). I am not saying it has been an easy semester; mostly mentally, I have struggled more than anything.

One of the things I have struggled with for a long time, especially this semester, was what direction I was going in professionally. It started with finding out that I was graduating a year sooner than anticipated, which then lead to a frenzy of emotions circling around the question "What am I going to do?!" as most students start feeling as they reach this point in the semester of their final year as an undergraduate. So I obsessed over this question and then obsessed some more until I figured it out. I have this feeling I get when I know something isn't right or thoroughly thought out to the point of knowing all of my options. It doesn't sound like it's that bad of a thing to have going on in your head, but let me tell you, it ruins lives- particularly mine and then sometimes my parents' because as soon as I call or text them saying "So, you wanna know what I figured out today?", I can instantly hear that eye roll (and yes, I said hear). But I finally figured it out, at least the direction.

Aside from the mental and emotional struggle I have put myself through personally, I can honestly say that I have had a great semester. I have so many memories from football games, nights out, nights in, best moments spent with my dog (almost all photographically documented), interactions with wonderful professors and classmates- I don't take a single moment of it all for granted. I do a lot of things by myself the majority of the time and even then I try to stay out of my phone when I walk around campus or go to events because I want to embrace the moment and remember the feeling of it all because it is all that I have.

I decided when I was 15 years old that I wanted to make it to my dream school someway, somehow. So here I am, finishing my second semester and first half of my senior year at the University of Mississippi. I will get to be in The Ole Miss class of 2019, I ordered my senior portraits where I was able to wear the cap and gown with the Lyceum emblem, and I have so much to look forward to in the remaining time of my undergraduate career. I truly couldn't be more thankful for my time here.

So to high schoolers, lower classmen college students, and seniors- I hope we all never forget to cherish the moments we have and not let them just be something that happens to us. But instead, I hope we all happen to the moment. Give yourself a way to remember the little things, because we only move up from this point.

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