I love writing.

I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t write.

Writing has, and always will be, an outlet for little, introverted me. I’ve struggled with being shy and quiet my whole life. Yet, when I have a pen and paper in my hands and a keyboard attached to a laptop and a blank document — I’m a whole ‘nother person.

There are so many words in the English language. So many different formats. It’s almost like there’s no right way to write.

There are no limitations as to what you can and cannot write about. Write because you want to. Write for the sake of journalism. Write a novel or two. Write poetry.

Just write.

Writing is everything to me. Writing for Odyssey has been a dream come true to me, too. It was the outlet I never knew I needed. Writing gave me the voice, but Odyssey gave me the platform. People out there, sometimes thousands of them, are actually reading what I have to say. People are finally listening to me go on and on about my random everyday thoughts I’ve turned into 500-word articles. And it’s the best feeling ever — especially for an introverted girl who just wants to be heard for once.

I also accredit a lot of my ability to ask strangers personal questions through my years of being a student journalist — something I never thought I’d be able to do or say I could do before — but that's another article in itself, though.

Most people in my major would rather do projects and presentations than write a 10-page paper, but I don’t mind. I’d actually prefer it.

So, thank you to all of you who are reading this. Because of you, I have a place where people can actually hear me. Something I never thought I'd be able to say before.