'I Would Never Buy That For Myself,' The Seven Words That Changed How I Live My Life

'I Would Never Buy That For Myself,' The Seven Words That Changed How I Live My Life

Wants, needs, and what we should be doing instead.

I went on my first mission trip in May, with the Catholic Campus Ministry group that I am a part of at my college. It was by far the best, most joyful week of my life. To spend a week constantly in the presence of the Lord and my best friends, doing nothing but serving God, separated from the stress of home life and the distraction of my cell phone, I was just beyond happy. My group became very close with the Sister and other worker who run the facility, and have kept in close contact with them for the past year.

Because we are so fond of them, we invited sister to come stay for a few days, to attend our weekly event, Faith Share, and to speak at another event for us the following night.

I was sitting in the campus ministry office when sister arrived to speak for our event that night. I was so excited to see her and we had a great conversation catching up about our lives and where we had seen God working in the past year. She then realized that there were sour patch kids sitting on the table beside her, where we keep all of our snacks. There was hardly half of a mason jar of them, leftover from our Christmas party, and probably a little stale. But Sister was beyond excited. "SOUR BEARS!" she yelled, and took a handful. It was something so simple, yet she was thrilled. When she went back home the next morning, she was given the rest of the bag of "sour bears" to take with her. When handed the bag, she again was ecstatic, she lit up, graciously thanked our campus minister, and in pure thanksgiving said "I would never buy this for myself".

Sour patch kids. She would never buy sour patch kids for herself. When I heard about this it hit me hard, and it stuck.

How much money do I waste on myself, on things that I absolutely do not need? I don't NEED the dark chocolate bar, I don't NEED the new dress, I don't NEED so much of what I ALREADY HAVE, yet I want and I buy so often. There are people who need, and need bad, yet I fulfill so many of my own wants. To make things worse, I often let things go to waste and don't even use them.

"I would never buy this for myself."

Hearing of this conversation changed me. I am so much more conscious of everything that I buy now, and so much more careful not to waste. I rarely need. I often want. There is a huge difference and I have to recognize it. It is okay to treat yourself from time to time; God obviously wants us to be happy and taken care of. But He calls us to be giving, to not overindulge in the things of this world, and to care for the poor in every way that we can. I can settle for the off brand food, fight through the chocolate cravings once in awhile, and for goodness sake wear the same dress to mass a few times a year because God doesn't care that I wore that dress already this spring, just that I am there. Then I can put the money I save somewhere better, like with a charity, or sponsoring a child and her family in poverty. I can put that time I would have spent focused on earthly possessions and the materialistic world in service to others, in prayer for those who need it most. I absolutely should, and I absolutely can. I should be mindful that God provides for me first, and that getting so absorbed in earthly possessions is not at all what He is asking of me. Living a simple life full of service is the life I want to live, but its up to me to get there.

17 If we are rich and see others in need, yet close our hearts against them, how can we claim that we love God? -1 John 3:17 (GNT)

So be mindful of what you are buying. Ask yourself these questions each time.

Do you want it?

Will you use it?

Do you need it?

Does someone else need it?

Does someone else need the money more?

Would Sister buy that for herself?

My life is transforming before my eyes. I still make poor decisions at times, but I, like everyone else, am a work in progress, striving to live perfectly for the Lord. Everyday I see God more clearly and see less of the materialistic earth I have grown so sadly attached to. I could not be happier about it. I pray that you may find yourself saying, "I wont buy this for myself", as I am learning to.

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Cover Image Credit: Hannah George

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5 Problems You Have If You're A Super Messy Person

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1. You never know where any of your things are.

The mess that you've created has no sense of structure. Nothing makes sense about where you've thrown your things other than that it was the closest place to put it. Outsiders cringe at the sight of your belongings spread out in the most confusing ways. Finding your remote or keys is the most difficult task in the world.

2. But on a more real level, you know exactly where everything is.

Cleaning up is the worst. Somehow, a messy person can manage to tell which clothes in a huge pile of combined clean and dirty have been worn just by a quick glance. There is a method to the madness, so when someone tries to move something you begin to panic. That deck of cards on your dresser packed in with all your makeup? Yeah, it's meant to be there. The sunglasses in the cup where you put all of your highlighters? It was intentionally thrown in there. That empty box that’s been there for two weeks? It's still out for a reason.

3. You feel bad for your roommate/parent/anyone who has to live with you.

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5. You always say you're going to change, but it never happens.

Actions speak louder than words, and even though this time you promised yourself that you're going to be a better roommate and actually clean up for yourself, you never will. Another New Year's resolution down the drain. Being messy is in your nature, and you might as well just embrace who you are instead of trying to be someone you're not.

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