There's always that year that no one seems to talk about. That year when things just didn't seem to go your way. But don't blame the year. Sometimes, certain things just don't work out in your favor and that's totally fine. If 2018 was one of your worst years, pause for a minute. Is there really such a thing as the worst year? And even if you felt like that, you should first ask yourself... did you learn from these experiences?

I feel like the worst thing you can possibly do following bad experiences in your life is to not learn from them. When you learn from your past mistakes or experiences that happened to you, you grow. You grow mentally as a person and you better yourself. It's not guaranteed that the same thing won't happen to you again, but learning from your past will definitely help prevent similar situations in the future.

For example, let's say in 2018 you met a horrible guy who just used you and mentally drained you, yet you loved the fool and you gave him all of you. In the end, he broke your heart anyway and you came to the conclusion that 2018 sucked. Once you're done sulking, you should begin your personal process of growth. Learn how to protect your heart and how to love yourself first.

Let's say you got rejected from your dream university. Don't blame the entire year for that rejection. Don't blame yourself either. Learn how to do better instead or learn how to accept rejection. Learn that you can't always get what you want in life and that some things happen for a reason.

The point is, although 2018 may have seemed like a tough year for you, don't regret it. Don't regret your decisions. Because despite all your hardships, you gained something so extremely useful in the end: experience. Experience is one of the most valuable lessons in life. Your experiences will change you. But you have to let them change you.

Try and understand that as a human being, you will definitely change. The person you are in 2018 is not the same person you will be in 2019. Or in 2025. Or in 2050. Don't cry or be sad about those unlucky events that happened to you this year, be happy they happened to you because now you are able to use your experiences as guidelines for growth.

I know for me, 2018 had extremely high points and extremely low points. When I remember the low points, I make sure I keep in mind what I learned from them and how I can better myself from them. I never regret my constant mental breakdowns my freshman year of college. I never regret knowing certain people that used me to their advantage. I remind myself they are simply a step in my process of growth and self-reflection. So if you think 2018 wasn't your year, transform your experiences into guidelines that you can implement in 2019, where there will definitely be a new you!