Taylor Swift's Worst Songs, Ranked

The 15 Worst Taylor Swift Songs That Haven't (Yet) Ruined Her 'Reputation'

Swift's worst tracks made in her 12-year, six-album career thus far.


I would like to start this off by saying that I am a huge Taylor Swift fan, and I love almost all of her songs. However, there are a select few that I really prefer not to listen to or skip when they come on shuffle. Although it hurts my heart to say it, not every Taylor Swift is absolutely amazing.

Here's a ranking of my 15 least favorite tracks that she's made.

1. "A Perfectly Good Heart" from "Taylor Swift"

Not gonna lie, I absolutely hate this song. I don't know what it is about the chorus, but I just can't stand it. Luckily though, this is only one of just a couple of Taylor's many songs that I won't sit through.

2. "Girl At Home" from "Red"

I also find this song unbearable. It's just a bonus track on one of her albums, but it's always felt poorly written and put together as if it was almost an afterthought.

3. "Look What You Made Me Do" from "Reputation"

This song was a huge disappointment when it came out for me. Although I ultimately loved the rest of "Reputation," this song always felt unnecessarily petty and repetitive.

4. "Today Was a Fairytale"

This song was written for the movie "Valentine's Day" that Swift had a role in, but the song (and the movie, honestly) has always felt pretty cheesy to me. I could pass on this one.

5. "Both Of Us" (with BoB)

This song only features Swift in the chorus, but the combination of the rap verses with her soft voice never seemed to fully blend well together.

6. "Shake It Off" from "1989"

I actually kind of like this song in a way, but it's definitely not one of Taylor's best. It's catchy, but the lyrics are simplistic and repetitive, and the music video is definitely not my favorite.

7. "The Last Time" (feat Gary Lightbody) from "Red"

This song isn't terrible either, but it's skip-worthy when listening to the (otherwise) great album, "Red". Both Swift and Lightbody have great voices, but the combination never mixed well together for me.

8. "Sad Beautiful Tragic" from "Red"

This "Red" track also fell flat to me. The lyrics are actually really beautiful and the guitar is very interesting, but the slow melody and low vocals make the song a bit boring.

9. "Invisible" from "Taylor Swift"

This song isn't bad, but it also doesn't really stand out. There's nothing I can even critique the song on besides the fact that I usually forget it exists.

10. "Starlight" from "Red"

I like parts of this song in a way, but I also find parts of it to be pretty cheesy. The song is well written, but the lyrics and tune also tend to make me cringe.

11. "Wonderland" from "1989"

I was actually pretty excited for this Alice in Wonderland-themed track when it came out as a bonus song for "1989," but Wonderland ultimately proved underwhelming for me, and had an awkward structure and production.

12. "The Other Side of the Door" from "Fearless"

There's nothing really wrong with this song besides the fact that it feels like a combination of every other song on "Fearless". With mentions of pouring rain and slamming of doors, the song feels unnecessary in comparison to some more memorable tracks.

13. "Bad Blood" from "1989"

I actually enjoy the chorus of this song, but the verses always felt a bit awkward and weirdly arranged. The version with Kendrick Lamar, however, takes away the awkwardness and feels better set up.

14. "22" from "Red"

I genuinely do like this song and would sing along if it was played, but I also find it a bit annoying. Especially after radio play, the vocals and repetitive chorus began to get on my nerves.

15. "You Are In Love" from "1989"

I actually feel kind of bad putting this song on my list since I know it's not a bad track, but I've always found the "1989" bonus song a bit boring, and I find myself constantly skipping it. Definitely debated between putting this or "Welcome to New York," however.

Honorable (Worst) Mentions: "Welcome to New York" (1989), "The Moment I Knew" (Red), "I'm Only Me When I'm With You" (Taylor Swift), "Superman" (Speak Now), "Dress" (Reputation)

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Repeat These Khalid Songs To Prepare For Mayfest

A list of Khalid songs you need to know in order to be adequately prepared for Mayfest.


The day everyone looks forward to since the first day of fall semester: Mayfest.

This year we are being blessed with the musical stylings of Khalid (which will undoubtedly be an improvement from Gucci Mane - sorry if there are any devoted fans out there). In order to be prepared for the madness/greatness that is quickly approaching this April 26, listen to these Khalid songs so you get pumped/can sing along with everyone else/so you can say you know who Khalid is before spending money on a ticket.

1. "Location"

A classic. I am almost certain everyone has heard this song at least once, whether aware or not. It's soft and vibe-y. You can just sway back and forth as you bask in the smoothness of Khalid's voice.

2. "Outta my Head" with John Mayer

Naturally, any song featuring John Mayer is destined for success. This is no exception. Khalid delivers a catchy, fun song with the help of Mayer. It was just recently released on his new album, "Free Spirit."

3. "Young Dumb & Broke"

My anthem senior year of high school whenever I was about to make a questionable decision. It might be a little strange singing it in college now that we are supposed to be ~adults~ but you know, still a jam.

4. "Heaven"

Another song off his new album, "Heaven" truly showcases Khalid's talent and range. It is kind of slow and sad, but regardless it is a great song that you might enjoy.

5. "Coaster"

Another song that shows Khalid's slow and sensitive side, "Coaster" is a catchy song that will undoubtedly be played during Mayfest.

6. "Free Spirit"

Considering it's the name of his newest album, I'm guessing "Free Spirit" will be featured during the concert. It's catchy and fun and really a song for anyone!

7. "8TEEN"

Another catchy one that celebrates youth, I promise you'll find yourself singing along to this one without even realizing it.

Happy listening and HAPPY MAYFEST!

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