Will they like me?

Did I dress to impress or dress like a hobo?

Did I forget to brush my teeth this morning?

What about deodorant?

Will I make it to class on time?

Should I try and make a friend in my class?

What if we have nothing in common?

Will I have time for lunch?

Do I have enough money for lunch?

How bad will my stomach growl if I don't get food?

Will I get this homework done before my next class?

I forgot my charger at home, and my phone is at 50%.

How do I limit my social media usage for the rest of the day?

Do I have a pencil?

Does it have lead in it?

Can I get away with doing my homework in pen?

What if I make a mistake and have to start all over again?

Will I be able to hang out with my friends before class?

Will I be late to class for talking to my friends?

Will the teacher even notice if I am late?

They would notice. I sit in the front of almost every class I have.

Will I fall asleep in this afternoon class?

Will the teacher let me sleep if I did?

Why did I sit in the front of the class?

Can I not be called on to answer the question?

Must I present?

I hate public speaking.

When will this day be over?