Take a moment and imagine your life without social media.

(While you delve into this thought, feel free to continue reading this article even though it was likely shared to you on some sort of social media platform...)

Here's the image that should be appearing in your head right about now:

Board games. Lots and lots of board games. From Monopoly to Candy Land, life would be filled with endless 20 x 20 in. adventures.

I'm kidding...

Without social media, life would inevitably be different. Human interaction would be more direct and homework would be completed in a timely manner. While these realities may seem positive and beneficial, there are certainly other sides of the equation that should be considered.

The following is my take on the harsh reality of human life without social media:

1. Forget Online Dating Apps, forget Tinder; you have to talk to people.

Unbelievable, right? You no longer have 10 minutes to brainstorm witty, flirtatious responses to a potential significant other. You no longer have time to think of subpar pick-up lines to attract the person you are interested in. In real life, things get awkward if you fail to compose a response within 10 seconds. In real life, pick-up lines are weird.

2. Forget Twitter, forget Snapchat, you have to be funny in real life.

No longer can you retweet something hilarious that someone says, or filter your face with a rainbow escaping your mouth. No longer can you subtweet someone you’re mad at or post pictures on your Snapchat story to make your life seem cooler than it actually is. In real life, if you verbally say the word “retweet” to something you find funny or relatable, people will look at you strangely. In real life, if you find that rainbows appear when you open your mouth, I would advise seeing your doctor.

3. Forget Instagram, forget Tumblr, your life can no longer be displayed through photos.

No longer will you be able to “like” someone’s photo or strive to attain 11 likes on your own picture. No longer will you have the ability to make your “feed” look artsy and visually appealing. In real life, you are that pale. In real life, the best picture of last Sunday’s Supermoon was seen and taken with these innovative and all-natural devices called the (dare I say it) human eyes.

4. Forget Facebook, forget Yik Yak, the best way to speak your mind is through speech itself.

No longer can you post a Facebook rant about how ignorant and inconsiderate your parents are. No longer can you send out anonymous Yaks about how lonely you are or how horribly you performed on an exam. In real life, your parents would rather you approach them and address an issue you have with them. In real life, most anonymous gestures are considered creepy.

Here's the good news...

Until the day social media vanishes entirely from the hands of human society, we can continue being weird and creepy. We can continue retweeting pictures of puppies, snapchatting shameless pictures of ourselves to our friends, and swiping right on people we don't know.

However, I think it's safe to say that there's more to reality than this. Everyday we go through the daily motions of life, we see incredible things and meet incredible people. I think something's missing. I think we've missed out on countless opportunities. I think we've ignored and pushed aside what really matters.

I think the real world awaits us.