The Perfect Workout For You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign
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Health and Wellness

The Perfect Workout For You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Astrology is telling you to move!

The Perfect Workout For You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

As an accomplished exercise freak and horoscope-worshiper, I am able to take a stand on what workout is associated with what zodiac. Each zodiac sign has unique characteristics that separate one from the other, and each workout routine also has distinct properties to it. Some workouts are sweat-heavy, some require more focus than others, some are peaceful and others are crazy hectic — there is an activity for everyone!

1. Aries — Tabata

Aries individuals are fierce, courageous, and up for anything! Their determined energy is ready to get through the killer Tabata workouts, which are fast-paced HIIT workouts that burn a ton (and I mean a ton) of calories.

2. Libra — Yoga

The peaceful aura of Libras is the epitome of the souls that enjoy yoga, meditation, and the best of the three — yoga with goats.

3. Taurus — Running outside

The responsible Tauruses are perfect for taking a jog outside. Their love of nature and well-grounded disposition will shine through as the wind blows through their hair and as they get their steps in for the day.

4. Scorpio — Competitive sports

The most passionate and stubborn of the signs are ready to compete! Competitive sports such as tennis, soccer, basketball, etc. are where these beings can show what they got!

5. Gemini — Zumba

Get the party started, Geminis! With their gregarious and fun nature, Geminis are able to have fun and work their booties off! Zumba is a dance-based workout that really brings out the best in people!

6. Sagittarius — Rock climbing

As they take fearless risks, rock climbing is the ideal activity for Sagittariuses, who aspire to feel freedom, go on adventures, and to be outdoors!

7. Capricorn — Barre class

Discipline is exactly what's needed for a barre class and the controlled Capricorns are the ideal candidates for this class!

8. Cancer — Pilates

Pilates is necessary for the emotional sign to get a sweat in and calm their nerves!

9. Leo — HIIT training

The dramatic and cheerful Leos can definitely confidently endure a HIIT training course, which uses intervals of quick high-intensity moves mixed with short rests.

10. Aquarius — Swimming

Water, duh! Use that energy to splash in the pool!

11. Virgo — Circuit training

Virgos are shy and critical, thus, circuit training fits their character. Circuit training utilizes a variety of moves as one travels through each exercise. Virgos can use their analytical mind to get through the workout!

12. Pisces — Kickboxing

Pisces can grab their friends and let their emotions out through kickboxing!

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