To Anyone Working On Themselves Right Now, I'm So Proud Of You

To Anyone Working On Themselves Right Now, I'm So Proud Of You

I'm so proud of you for taking the time you need for your well-being!


I think one of the best things anyone can do to keep their lives balanced is taking the time they need to figure out where their heart is currently. Taking the time you need for yourself is the most beneficial thing you can do to clear your head, mind, and body.

I've been in therapy since I was 17 and taking the time you need to clear all toxicity out of your life is one of the main things my therapists have advised me to do and honestly, it has been incredibly beneficial in my life. Taking the time you need to heal takes courage because our society normalized the thought that once something terrible in your life happens, you just have to move on and get over it immediately. This is far from the truth. If you don't give yourself the time you personally need to heal from something that has happened to you, you will always find yourself stuck in your own toxic ways.

Here's an example, if you were emotionally manipulated or abused in a pretty long-term relationship, once that relationship is over, most people will try and tell you to just get over it and move on already, or you'll try to take matters into your own hands and move on before you're ready to. This will just make it worse and you'll find yourself back in another emotionally manipulative relationship because you never sat yourself down and reflected on what the prior relationship did to you. In order to leave your toxic habits behind, you have to find the courage in yourself to sit down and conquer your demons one by one.

I appreciate the people who choose to take the time they need to work on themselves because it will help them in the long run. You can't give your heart to someone deserving of it until you take back the pieces of your heart others have kept from you. You can't give your all to someone if your heart is in a million places, so taking the time to regain those missing pieces help free you and enable you to give your all to that someone who deserves it.

When tragedies strike us, we all have that fight or flight instinct. We all have to remember that rather than going with our gut instinct to either run or hide, sometimes we need to just take it slow and work on solving our problems. It's like they say, great things never come from comfort zones. Taking whatever time you need to work on the problems inside of you help conquer your fight or flight responses and show you that some things in life are worth working on.

If you're someone who is taking the time to work on your life, I am so, incredibly, proud of you. I know I am always taking whatever time I need to work on myself and it has helped me through many tough times in my life. I think everyone needs to remember that even miracles take a little time and to never rush your life. Take it slow and let life take you where you need to go. Love everyone with no regrets and never forget that you are loved and valued by many.

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Could $100 Million BE anymore of an overspend?


Netflix broke everyone's heart and then stitched them back together within a matter of 12 hours the other day.

How does one do that you may wonder. Well they start by announcing that as of January 1st, 2019 'Friends' will no longer be available to stream. This then caused an uproar from the ones who watch 'Friends' at least once a day, myself including. Because of this giant up roar, with some threats to leave Netflix all together, they announced that 'Friends' will still be available for all of 2019. So after they renewed our hope in life, they released that it cost them $100 million.

$100 million is a lot of money, money that could be spent on variety of different shows.

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Let Time Take Over, You'll Get In A Relationship

Forever alone FOREVER?


As the seasons changed, so do some people's relationship status. Whether the person is newly single, in a new relationship, or even newly engaged. Just recently, there seems to be the big question as to whether people should truly believe in relationships anymore. But that question can be asked under many different circumstances. If someone is in a fresh new relationship, it means that they were either waiting for the right time or they just let time speak for them.

I feel that relationships should be a choice rather than something that is forced. Love and affection is something that should come naturally. I believe that when someone gets into a relationship, they should get into it for all the right reasons. That is something I wish I told myself a few years ago when my last one ended. I've been single since then and I'm just going to let God take his time on that as it should be. I'm not going to force myself into one just because 'everyone' is getting into one. I've realized that timing is different for everyone.

If it was meant for every single human being to gain a relationship at the same time, it just wouldn't be realistic. I used to believe that I was going to be in a serious relationship by the time I'm a certain age. Guess life had more important plans for me considering that I should focus on myself before I get into a relationship.

So this goes out to anyone who feels that they'll never get into a relationship ever. Know that once you're patient which I understand is hard to do, you will find yourself in one when you least expect it. I know that's exactly how my last relationship went. I did not expect that I was going to get into any relationship at all. But at the time considering that everything was so new, I was simply testing the waters because I just wanted to make sure things went smoothly. At the time my significant other and I never argued or fought about anything pointless.

That was also mainly because we were working two jobs and just trying to live our lives the best way possible. However, unfortunately, things didn't last with us but I knew that after that chapter ended, I knew that something even better was on the way. I knew that it wasn't going to take 30 days to happen but I'm patient. I'm willing to be as patient as I can be. For now, I'm enjoying focusing on myself and the important priorities that I need to have for myself. By not focusing on getting into a relationship right away it has put me in a more balanced state of mind. I feel that is what most of us have an issue with. By asking all the time if there is something wrong with themselves is the wrong approach. By knowing and realizing your worth, that's not even a question to consider anymore.

Also thinking that one type of person goes after you when you don't want them is another wrong approach. Instead of worrying about all these things, STOP! No one cares how they look on the outside as much as they don't need to. Someone who treats you right and respects you overall is relationship status for sure. The more you focus on the person being model-like and just showing them off for looks and likes you got the wrong idea.

Relationships should be broken down into trust, love, and respect. Those three things will get a relationship status so much further than they think. So STOP focusing on not being in a relationship all the time and get back to YOU! Let time tell all and just relax! The world isn't going to end if you keep worrying about being single all the time. Your time will come before you know it.

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