Many college students are debating which medical field to go into.

Well, I'll make it simple for you. Work in the emergency department and thank me later. You may think it's not your cup of tea, but check out below why I love working there. Maybe you too can fall in love with the ED.

1. Working in the ED is so rewarding.

We all know the feeling we get when we make someone smile. We feel good inside. It is an amazing feeling knowing that you made that person's day, from kind words or even just a smile.

Every patient who comes into the emergency department is hurting either mentally or physically. I never really ask how they're doing when I greet them - I already know the answer. I will, however, try my absolute best to make them comfortable and safe. I treat them as if they were my family.

By the end of their visit, they thank me and tell me how much it meant to them that I took 2 minutes to sit down and talk to them or even pray with them. My greatest joy comes from happy patients and knowing that I made an impact on their life.

2. You never get bored - there is always something new.

What do you think about when someone says "emergency room"? Some would say trauma, some would say sick people.

Any answer would be right. While working in the ED, you never know what is going to come through the doors. It could be a 13-inch laceration down the side of the patient's calf. It could be a patient on LSD who is singing to the wall (I've seen it happen).

A patient could have a screwdriver stuck in their throat. It could literally be anything. That is why I absolutely love the ED. There isn't a cut and dry routine like on a medical floor. I see new things every day, which keeps me on my toes. It is exciting and exhilarating working in the ED.

3. Um, hello? Benefits!

As a CoxHealth employee, we receive amazing benefits.

These benefits include health insurance, retirement plans, discounts, and more! But wait, there's more! If you work in the emergency department, you have resources all around you. Now, I'm not saying you can take whatever you want, but some stuff is OK.

For example, one of my coworkers asked if he could take home some 4x4 gauze pads for his wife at home. Using small supplies is totally OK, and very convenient for us employees! Also, the doctors are amazing (at least at Cox). If you need advice or have concerns, just ask a doc! They are super chill and love to help out their coworkers. I love my CoxHealth ED family.

4. Working in the ED teaches you life skills. 

The emergency room's biggest key to success is communication. Without communication, things don't get done or they get done improperly. Working there teaches you how to effectively communicate, whether it be on the phone, in person, or by email.

In addition to communication, it teaches you teamwork. Teamwork is vital in a fast-paced workplace. Everyone needs to work together as one unit, or else all hell breaks loose and shit hits the fan (if you know you know). Working in the ED also teaches you time management and organization.

Sometimes you will have five things going on at once, so you need to be able to keep track of everything you have and have not done. Patients want to be in and out of there as quickly as possible. You will definitely learn how to manage your time and be a multitasker. If you need some life, skills, the ED peeps and help you out.

5. You are part of a family.

When an employee is hired in the emergency department, they are instantly a part of our loving family. We are here for each other. We have each other's backs.

I know just recently one of my coworker's roommate had passed away, and he was too distraught to call into work. His work family came together, covered his shifts, brought him food, and just made sure he was OK.

I know that whenever I need to talk to someone, I have someone to talk to. The whole family aspect of the emergency department is my favorite part about working there. These are my people, and they can be yours too!