Working With a High Back Office Chair
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Working With a High Back Office Chair

Tips to Choose Best Office Chairs

Working With a High Back Office Chair

You arrive at the office with your fresh cup of coffee, prepare for the daily grind, and notice the desk phone already signaling a new voicemail. As you round the desk, a welcome sight greets you. There sits one of the most beautiful high back office chairs. You swoon, realizing the relief of not having to sit in that budget chair with its “stab you in the lumbar” back rest and its “pinch your buttocks” seat pad. You roll it out and sit down to your first fabulous Monday.

The human body was not designed to sit for long hours. To go against nature, we need to do it in the most natural way possible—especially when you have to sit for eight or more hours per day every workday. When chair shopping, resolve one of the biggest problems by getting rid of that synthetic, sweat-inducing covering material. Nothing says comfort like a high back leather chair. With proper care, leather will last much longer than synthetics, let your body breathe, and scream “executive” to everyone who stops by your corner computer desk.

Send backaches rolling down the hall with that old chair that supported your back in all the wrong places. An executive high back chair for the office will support your entire upper body. If you are stuck on the phone with that windy client, you can lean back and find reassuring comfort from the full back support the new chair offers. Find your body aches and pains going away as you place your posterior into the best position designed for your frame. Chair sizes vary for small, medium, and large framed people.

An high back ergonomic office chair will offer the perfect solution to those two-hour conference calls. Kick back and relax with an adjustable neck roll to give full support to your spine (just do not fall asleep while you are on hold). Ergonomic chairs offer optional contoured or level seating depending on whether you like a more form fitting style or better weight distribution. With up to a dozen positions available you can sit up, lean back, or just chill out. Alternately raise and lower your chair height for talking to superiors or subordinates, and roll across the room to refill your mug if you like. With countless options, styles, and features to make your office time as comfortable as possible, you will certainly leave the office without needing a chiropractor. In addition, who knows, maybe that re-energized attitude will bring a few new numbers to your paycheck.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing High Back Office Chairs

The best high back chair for office features individual nail head trim, top grain leather, and a mahogany or similar expensive wood base with top-of-the-line castor wheels for smooth rolling. They are beautiful and very expensive at around $1,000 or more. The frames are of kiln-dried hardwoods, double doweled, glued and reinforced with screws for long-lasting durability. A pneumatic seat-height adjustment with tilt and tilt tension, and a 360-degree swivel for ease of movement getting in and out of the seat are part of the superior package. The same look and feel can be found in less expensive chairs for far less through a number of online retailers.

Executive high back chairs come in a wide array of styles and price ranges from the most expensive like those above to models under $100 with split leather, fabric, or mesh covers. They have all of the same features, but the individual components are of an inferior quality. With due care, a cheaper chair may last a number of years. Some of the very cheap high back chairs are now as low as $40 at Internet discount dealers wherein the product is made overseas using cheap labor and supplied with a private label for retail sale around the world. These chairs are not made to last forever, but they fill a niche in the market for those who want a higher end look for little cost.

The advantage of shopping online is the ability to comparison-shop for the best deal; however, the most dependable way to determine comfort and fit is to try a few out local big box office supply stores. They may not have a huge selection, but you can get a good idea of the model and/or style of the office chair that suits you best. Ergonomically structured models are designed with the user’s comfort in mind. Long hours spent behind a desk can cause severe back strain, tension, and poor posture. Look for a chair with lower lumbar support, a contoured seat that slightly dips to the back and a locking tilt for optimal alignment so you do not feel as though you are pitching forward. The pneumatic height adjustment should be set so your feet are flat on the floor.

Consumer reviews are an excellent source for finding best high back chair. Buying from a local dealer will allow you to easily return a chair that does not live up to its warranted specifications. The variety of office chairs on today’s market from which to choose is quite vast and requires careful consideration before purchasing a model that does not give your body the support it needs.

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