This summer, I picked up a job at a coffee shop. I thought it would be fun to learn how to make all my favorite drinks while making a little extra cash. However, I've learned so much more than I expected.

1. Making espresso drinks is not very difficult


It's all about having the right equipment and ingredients. Almost anyone can handle making these drinks if they're given the right tools.

2. A good chunk of coffeehouse customers are regulars

Maybe it's just my small town, but it seems as though those who like fancy coffee drinks like to come to get them at least once each week.

3. A lot of people are just looking for someone to talk to


I've found that I spend multiple hours of my day simply keeping up a conversation with a customer. If they're not at the coffeeshop to work or stop by for convenience, they're often just looking for a person to chat with. Saying hi to someone sipping their drink might just make their day.

4. A macchiato is the same as a latte


The only difference is the order the ingredients get put in the cup. The taste of the two drinks shouldn't be any different. Also, a mocha is just a chocolate latte. Mind blown yet?

5. So many people ask for "expresso"

It's "espresso" guys. It's a pressed type of coffee, not a fast type of coffee.

6. Similarly, people don't know how to order their coffee


It's not a big deal to have to figure out what a customer is asking for, but if you want to help your barista out, try to learn a little bit about coffee drinks. Most baristas would be happy to explain and the Google quick definitions do a great job as well.

7. Try to always tip your barista


Before this job, I didn't ever tip at coffee shops because I knew it was completely optional. Now that I work at one, I realize that baristas put a great deal of effort into handcrafting your drink and making sure it fits your specifications. A tip is a nice way to say thank you.

8. Creative pastries sell well


I get to make up muffin flavors each morning as I'm prepping to open the shop. Surprisingly, I've found that some of my more unique flavor combinations, such as coconut lime, are the ones that sell the best.

9. If you're trying to lose weight, cut down on flavor shots


Most of the time, our standard amount of flavoring, which is less than many other coffee shops, ends up being an inch tall in the cup. Those syrups and sauces are straight up sugar and empty calories.

10. I need coffee now more than ever


I have to get up earlier than I ever thought I physically could to make it work on time, so it's a real blessing that I'm surrounded by coffee.