I'm not going to lie, working 40 hours a week has really been kicking my ass, but I think it has taught me some important lessons so far.

1. Set goals throughout the day

I tell myself how much work I want to get done in a certain amount of time. It really helps me to focus and makes the time go by faster.

2. Talk to your coworkers

On my days where I am sitting in a lab all day on a computer, it really helps me get through the day when I have people to talk to.

3. Plan out the rest of your day after work

Since most of my day is spent at work, it doesn't leave me much time at night. I've found that planning out the rest of my day after work helps me so that I am not coming home every night and doing nothing.

4. Get enough sleep

Sometimes it is hard to make it through a full day of work when I've had a good night's sleep, but it seems almost impossible on days when I haven't slept enough. So sometimes I have to give up staying up later to make sure I get enough sleep.

5. Eat a good breakfast and lunch

Both are essential for making it through the work day and for feeling my best.

6. Don't be afraid to ask questions

This summer I started two completely new jobs, so obviously it's okay not to know everything. I've learned to ask questions when I need to because it helps me learn and everyone is always willing to help.

7. Try to find a highlight of each day

It always helps me feel like I am doing a good job at work when I have a story to tell when I come home. Whether it was something fun that I did while babysitting or even just something new that I learned at the lab, I like to find highlights in each day at work.

8. Make time for things other than work

When it seems like you are just working all the time, it can be easy to be tired and make excuses to not do much else. In order to be a sane person and enjoy my summer, I have learned that I need to make time for my friends and family.

9. Use your weekends and free time wisely

Again, it can be easy to become exhausted from the work week, but I don't want to spend all of my weekends doing nothing. When I have free time, I want to make the most of it because the rest of my time is occupied by work.

10. Just because you earned money doesn't mean you can spend it right away

This is a big one. After getting a paycheck it can feel like "now I can buy this" or "now I can go out to eat here", but when you're young saving money is so important. Some pay checks you have to put away for the future.

11. It can be nice not having a phone on you all the time

Not having my phone on me has helped me to not rely as much on social media because I've realized that I really don't need to check it that often. Phones can take over our lives, so it is nice to have it put away for a large portion of my day.