Not Allowing Workers To Sit During Their Shift Is a gross display of power

Not Allowing Workers To Sit During Their Shift Is a gross display of power

There's literally no reason someone should be standing for 10 hours straight.


There are tons of reasons why minimum wage jobs in America suck, one of the most prominent being the rule of sitting. Big corporations often equate sitting with laziness, hence why so many workers are forced to stand for hours on end while barely making a living wage. I don't know about you, but I find this practice disgusting.

The people who force minimum wage workers to stand are the ones who work 9 a.m.- 5 p.m. Monday through Friday and get their own little desks to sit at. In fact, many of them got so bored with sitting that convertible desks were made so the person using it had the option to either sit or stand. But while they sit in their comfy little chairs, they write these disgusting rules to ensure our work day is nothing short of painful.

I often wondered why standing on the job was so important when almost every minimum wage job can be completed while sitting. Cashiers can still count money while sitting, fitting room associates can give you a number card while sitting, and employees can unpack boxes while sitting. I finally realized that forcing minimum wage workers to stand is a demonstration of power. It has nothing to do with the quality of the work being performed, and corporations know that.

Standing for hours on end can cause serious damage to a person's spine, knees, ankles, and feet. An employee shouldn't have to come to work decked out in braces and wraps to keep their body parts in check. Considering many companies pay their employees just enough to keep them off government based healthcare, the injuries one can sustain on the job can cause serious financial troubles.

At 19-years-old, I personally suffer from spinal problems, so standing for hours on end really doesn't help my situation. Unfortunately, there's nothing I can do about it. I recall an old coworker who had a note from her doctor stating that standing for long periods of time was off limits and that the store should provide her with a chair. Well, the store fought her on it every day. "It makes you look lazy," they'd say. I'll repeat; she had a note from her doctor, and the store still refused her.

When telling this story to a friend, they asked why she didn't just sue. What a stupid question. This girl worked a minimum wage job and lived paycheck to paycheck; she couldn't afford to sue. No one can. The power dynamic between companies and their workers is so twisted that the ones at the bottom can do absolutely nothing to help their aching bodies. I don't find this fair at all.

Forcing workers to stand is a terrible practice. It's an act of pure manipulation. The pain simply isn't worth the pennies we make every hour.

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9 Tips For the Disney College Program Application That Are Sure to Make your wish come true

Here are some tips to help you get accepted into the Disney College Program.


The Disney College Program is an opportunity for college students to live, work and take classes at Disney for a semester. In addition, cast members get amazing discounts, special backstage tours and events and great opportunities to network with Disney professionals. For any Disney fan, this program is an opportunity of a lifetime and a dream come true. In early March 2018, I was accepted into the program for Fall 2018 at Walt Disney World and I couldn't be more excited.

Since I had a successful application process, I'm here to offer tips to those of you who will be applying soon and will be future participants of the program!

To start off, there are three application steps: the initial application, a web-based interview and a phone interview.

The initial application goes over all the basics such as name, college, past job experiences, skills you've acquired in those roles and your preferences for the roles at Disney World and Disneyland. It can take anywhere from 1 day to 2 months to move onto the web-based interview. For me, I had to wait an entire month before getting an email for the WBI.

The web-based interview is a timed multiple choice/scale exam that determines how well you will fit in with the Disney family. This interview goes over what you would do in certain situations and to rate how well you get along with others and how friendly/positive/energetic you are. Disney is looking for positive students who get along with everyone. After the WBI, you will immediately find out if you are rejected or able to set up a phone interview. I scheduled my phone interview for a week after my WBI.

The phone interview is where the magic happens. This is when you can show the recruiter who you are and why you love Disney.

For me, this was my first time applying to the program and I had no idea what to expect. I found so many articles, blogs and videos that helped me understand what this process was like and what to expect, so I hope that these tips help YOU in being successful when you apply to the program!

1. Know every single role that’s offered before your initial application


In your initial application, you rank the roles you're interested in from high interest to no interest. Make sure you understand what the roles are and what each role entails. Prior to the initial application, I did my research and made a list of each role and my determined interest in it. This made the initial application go much faster and I was much more confident in the roles I was applying for.

2. Understand that the more roles you put interest in, the more roles the recruiters can look at you for


This can be both good and bad. Good because then you're more likely to be accepted, but bad because you may get a role you ranked as high or moderate and didn't actually want. It's completely up to you if you want to be picky about your roles, however, you have to realize with a limited number of roles, you may not get accepted. I had more than half of the roles in high interest and the rest dispersed between the other three. Since I had interest in the majority of the roles offered, recruiters had the opportunity to examine me for many roles.

3. Always use “strongly agree” or “strongly disagree” on the web-based interview


Disney wants you to be confident in yourself and your answers. For "I am a positive person," would you want a worker to just put "agree" or would you want them to answer "strongly agree?" Be confident that you're positive, friendly and hard-working. Be confident that you get along with others or that you can help guests with whatever they need. Be confident that you can be a leader.

4. Join Facebook groups


Meet other people who are going through the same exact thing as you. When I was applying, I didn't know anyone else going through the same process, so it was so nice to talk with others about the application steps, what to expect, what to know, etc. I even had the opportunity to Skype with a group of people who had phone interviews the same week as I did and we "interviewed" each other as part of our practice. Plus, it's super fun to meet others who are just as obsessed with Disney as you are.

5. Prepare for the phone interview


There are several websites and Google docs out there to help you with potential interview questions specific to the DCP. Some have role-specific questions, others have Disney-specific questions and others have more general questions you might see in a normal interview. During my phone interview, I was asked several role-specific questions, general questions about Disney and my past job experiences. Have a friend or family member ask you random questions from a list to help you practice which will help you feel more comfortable during the actual interview.

6. Write down the recruiter's name during the phone interview


By writing down the recruiter's name, you can thank him or her at the end of the interview which shows you're detail and people-oriented and professional.

7. Smile during your phone interview


I had a sign hanging on the wall during my phone interview that said "SMILE!" and the rumors are true: you can literally hear people smiling through the phone and the recruiters can witness your positive energy. Also, smile because you're being interviewed by The Walt Disney Company which is a crazy, magical, amazing opportunity that others can only dream about.

8. Make sure your love for Disney shines through


Yes, Disney wants someone who is passionate about their company and values, but WHY are you passionate about Disney? Share your Disney magical moments, share your dearest vacation memories, share the moment when you knew you wanted to participate in this program. The recruiters WILL ask you, "Out of all the internships and programs in the world, why the Disney College Program?" Be passionate, be authentic, be emotional. Disney is all about the feels and the magic.

9. Be yourself


Disney wants YOU! And you are energetic, passionate, hard-working, positive and willing to go above and beyond for a company you love and admire. Also, don't be nervous. Because Disney wants you, they want you to succeed. Let your personality SHINE and show Disney who you truly are.

Good luck on your application process, Disney lovers!

If you have any more questions about my application and/or program, feel free to reach out to me through my Odyssey profile under the "about me" section.

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Photo by: Kennedy Krause

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10 Server Tweets To Help You Make It Through The Holidays

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