I, like many others, have an internship this summer. And it's not just any internship - it's a zoo internship. Because of this amazing opportunity I have been blessed with, there are a few things I know to be true that wouldn't apply to me if I hadn't accepted this internship. Only someone who has ever interned at a zoo would understand these things.

1. You've become a pro at waking up at the crack of dawn

I've actually sort of become accustomed to waking up at 5:30 and going to bed around 10. Shout out to the zoo for forcing me to be a morning person.

2. You know all your animals' names

The animals may not know their names, but you sure do, and you make sure all your friends do too.

3. You have a favorite animal

You're probably not supposed to have a favorite, but you definitely do. (I'm looking at you Johari the rhino.)

4. You've definitely gained a lot of muscle over the summer

Why go to the gym when you can just lift hay bales and scoop elephant poop??

5. You've become an expert at convincing yourself it's mud and not poop

It's gotta be mud, it's just gotta be.

6. Water is your best friend

It's hot outside, and water keeps you from dying in the heat, so drink up.

7. Your raking skills are superb

There is a proper way to rake, and if you don't do it right, you WILL hear about it.

8. You know all the zookeeper lingo

You could probably have your own walkie talkie by now, and you would be pretty bomb at it.

9. Your farmer's tan could go head to head with an actual farmer

Those short sleeve shirts and cargo shorts ain't doing you any favors except increasing your paleness to darkness ratio on your arms.

10. You think you definitely have the coolest job ever

You definitely have a cool job, and you consider yourself super lucky.

Working at a zoo has many pros and cons, but ultimately it is a pretty cool job, and despite my occasional complaints, I wouldn't trade the experience for anything.