Coming from a predominantly Jewish background, I grew up pronouncing the word 'hummus' with an accent. My friends usually catch me on that, saying I pronounce it wrong. Disagreeing, this prompted us to look up some words that people pronounce differently.

1. Crayon vs. "crahn"

2. Gyro vs. hero

3. Caramel vs. car-mel

4. AHRange vs. OREange?

5. You all vs. y'all

I'm guilty of both...

6. Coleslaw vs. 'slaw

7. May-uh-naze vs. mayo-naze

Can't we just say mayo?

8. PJs vs. pajaymas vs. pajamas

9. PeCAN vs. PeCON

10. EXpresso vs. ESpresso?

11. Soda vs. pop vs. cola vs. Coke

12. Sherbert vs. Sorbet

All in all, it doesn't really matter. What's most important is that you keep your may-ah-naze away from my sorbet.