Best Campsite in Vermont

Woodford State Park, known as the highest elevated state park in Vermont at 2400 feet, is a family-friendly state park with much to offer. Known for its beautiful views, this park also has much to offer, such as swimming, boating, hiking, and many other activities to fill your day. In the morning, wake up to the smell of fresh, smokey bacon on an open fire while feeling motivated by a cup of rich, black coffee.

In the afternoon, go explore the nearby cities of Wilmington and Bennington or get a tan along the Adams Reservoir. At night, curl up around a cozy fire while roasting marshmallows that dissolve in your mouth. That doesn't sound like a bad vacation, doesn't it? However, our family thinks of this trip different. We think about it as more of a family tradition or our second home rather than a "vacation."

My whole family (consisting of myself, my brother, my father, my uncle and his kids) come up to this beautiful park every year. Rain or shine, we make the best of our time here, always ending with regret that we should've done more with our time. Whether it's annoying my cousin at his job at a vineyard with fake mustaches or hiking up the famous Mount Snow, we always leave having a memory that we keep until we meet up next summer, looking back at that memory and joking about that memory.

Every year I go on this trip, I keep two themes in mind that I embrace: family and fun. You don't need any internet connection or phone service to have fun. All you need is a couple of friends or a family around and a conversation. You can have endless fun with talking, just make sure not to lose track of time because you know that saying: time flies when you're having fun. Next time you're looking for a spot to relax and be stress-free, look no further than Woodford State Park. You won't regret staying there.

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